Forms for Requests and Communication of Submissions for Services

We are currently updating the process for which information and requests should be communicated to our office. All paper submissions for requests will be phased out by the end of the Fall 2016 semester, and on-line electronic submission will be the only accepted format moving forward.

We understand there will be a brief period of adjustment, and will be available for any questions or concerns you may have. We appreciate your patience.

  • Departmental Authorized Signers will be transitioning to Department Access Coordinators (DACs). Please contact your DAC to request access encoding on MCards or short term room access.  

    Moving forward, the Police Department will establish a point of contact for each department. This person will be responsible for authorizing all personnel and building access requests. For example, Access encoding for MCards when an employee or student needs to gain entry into areas restricted with an MCard swipe reader. This process will mirror the process to request keys. The current document used to establish the "Authorized Signer for Department" will be phased out and Department Access Coordinators will be utilized instead. Your department may want to establish an internal process surrounding these request.   

    Authorized Signer for Department

    Please note that single-event access requests regarding request and responsibility to utilize space for events may still be submitted by administrative personnel acting on official business for a department. 

  • Please be certain to contact University Unions and Events (UUE) for room reservations and event planning assistance in the University Center, the Union at Dearborn, and Fairlane Center, please contact the Events Services office at: 

    (313) 583-6511 

    Should you need additional assistance outside the scope of UUE, please submit the single event access form no later than 3 pm the day prior to your event, otherwise, the Police Department will not guarantee special requests will be recognized and processed.

    Event Notification Web Request / Event Notification 

    It is the requester’s responsibility to ensure that any additional departments needing notification are properly informed ahead of time, i.e. Facilities Management (593-5270) for ventilation and cleaning purposes; Registrar’s Office (593-5000) for regular classrooms; Audio-Visual (593-5180) for AV equipment.


  • Please use the form below to report lost or found items. If you have additional questions, you may contact our administrative offices.

    Lost and Found Report 

  • Access request, used to gain MCard swipe authorization for an employee or student, will be updated soon. Currently, you may utilize either of the options below to request building and room access needed for time-frames greater than a single semester. Please note that paper requests will be phased out at the end of Fall 2016. 

    Access Request Webpage - authorization request for MCard encoding

  • Requests for Incident Reports or Traffic Accident Reports must be made in writing to us at or via our website request at least 48 hours prior to pick-up. When picking reports up, valid ID must be shown. 

  • Short-term, semester access can be requested for a single student or employee, or a small group of students or employees. This access would need to be requested by a department's authorized signer or Department Access Coordinator (DAC). Once the request has been received, access would be granted to the authorized individual via contact with our dispatcher at (313) 593-5333. The dispatcher would then grant access through remotely opening a swipe door, or sending an officer out to unlock a door for the authorized individual. A call would need to be placed each time a person may need to gain access; access would only be granted with proper ID or by relaying the correct U of M employee ID.  This access would be granted on an individual case-by-case basis for a time-frame shorter than a semester; the individual needing access would not have to have their MCard encoded, but would contact our dispatch to gain access to an area. Proper identification will be asked for and should be shown each time entry is requested.     

    Semester Access