July 2020

  • July 24
    Initial request for ideas from Chancellor Grasso

August – September 

  • Meet with various groups on campus to socialize DEI Initiative (Faculty Council, Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, Care & Equity Committee, Senior Officers and Deans, group discussion regarding a themed semester)
  • September 21
    Update at Faculty Council meeting
  • September 22
    Message to campus asking for volunteers, sharing the areas of focus, announce listening sessions
  • September 23
    Staff Senate meeting


  • Invitations to volunteers
  • Announcement of Working Group Membership & group meetings begin
  • Timeline - share with leadership, get input
  • Listening sessions with chancellor and other campus leaders 
    Students: 10/6, 10/16
    Faculty: 10/9, 10/21
    Staff: 10/13, 10/28
  • October 26
    Presentation at Faculty Senate
  • November 6
    Full Working Group meets for first time 
  • November 9
    Alumni Society Board meeting
  • November 11
    Faculty and Staff Town Hall
  • November 12 
    Student Town Hall 


  • December 1
    Discussion with Student Organization Leads
  • Interim reports due to chancellor & provost (preliminary ideas)

January 2021

  • Update to campus
  • Working Group continues its work
  • Explore hosting a conversation on race or a speaker/speaker panel


  • Reports due to chancellor and provost
  • Senior Officers and Deans review reports


  • Leadership to consider recommendations and inform the campus of decisions


  • Update campus on recommendations
  • Consider a Virtual Town Hall      

May and beyond 

  • Implementation              


Strategic Planning

Marc A. Brigolin

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