SI Schedule

SI sessions will be held in-person and virtually from the second week of classes.

Below is information about SI sessions for CASL (including Behavioral Sciences (BSCI); Social Sciences (SSCI); Literature, Culture & the Arts (LCA); Math; and Natural Sciences), College of Health and Human Services (CEHHS) and College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS).

If your NSCI, BSCI, SSCI, LCA , MATH or CEHHS course has multiple sections and you are unable to attend the sessions for your own SI leader's section, feel free to attend any of the other sections' sessions for your course.  Even if they are currently covering different material, the basic skills and practice you will get will help you to understand the course work better and will help in your other and future courses as well!

SI sessions will be held virtually from the 2nd week of class. Check your Canvas site for announcements about sessions days/times, e-mail your SI leader, or check out the schedule below.

Supplemental Instruction Course Offerings

Summer Offerings: 

Summer I: CRJ/HHS/SOC 410, HHS 100, MTH 115, MTH 116, STATS 263, ECON 202, ECE 3171, ECE 3731, PSYCH 363 

Summer II: MTH 105, MTH 115, and MTH 116


Fall/Spring Offerings: 
ANTH 101
CIS 150
CIS 200
ECE 210
ECE 270
ECE 273
ECE 3731
ECON 201
ECON 202 
HHS 100
MATH 104
MATH 105
MATH 115
MATH 116
MATH 215
MATH 227
ME 230
PHIL 233
PSYC 101
PSYC 363
PSYC 381
STAT 263

As of Winter 2023, the Engineering Learning Center and SI are teaming up to offer review/boot camp learning sessions for students enrolled in CIS 200 to go over key aspects of CIS 150. The sessions will be held in the labs in the first week of classes (since these are normally cancelled for the first week). We will also offer test-taking strategies and mock exam sessions to help students better prepare for exams! Please contact Jennifer Makas ([email protected]) for more information.

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