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The University of Michigan-Dearborn is committed to providing support to all students as they navigate their academic journey. One of the ways we help students succeed is by providing access to academic resources and services. Below are just some of the resources available to you on campus or online. It is important for you to take charge of your education and seek out help if you are struggling! 

Tutoring services are available for all currently enrolled students, regardless of class standing. You will meet with the tutoring coordinator first to discuss your needs and then you will either be matched with a tutor (if available), referred to the appropriate resources on campus, or the tutoring coordinator will work with a faculty member to identify possible additional support. 

  • Tutors are available for the many basic courses, such as Chem 134 and Biol 130. If you need a tutor, reach out to the Tutoring Coordinator so that they can meet with you and get you the help you need. Not all classes  have tutors, but there are other resources available to assist you! There are also other resources that you can  utilize to develop your academic skills.

There are additional resources in the colleges. See the College of Business resources for Business courses, see the Engineering Learning Center for College of Engineering and Computer Science courses, and the Kochoff Language Lab in the College of Arts, Science, and Letters for language courses.

How to Connect with Tutoring:

For questions about tutoring or to be connected with resources, please email:


Online Tools

Tutoring will be conducted in-person and virtually for Summer 2024.

Fall 2023 & Winter 2024 Contact Information: 

Sharon Lobdell - [email protected]
Tutoring and Academic Resources Coordinator


Harry Rahn - [email protected]
Interim Tutoring Coordinator & Graduate Assistant


Joyce Haddad - [email protected]
Interim Tutoring Coordinators 


Please reach out to discuss your needs and we will help you with the next steps! Individual tutoring sessions are scheduled between tutors and students based on their availability.


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