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The University of Michigan-Dearborn is committed to providing support to all students. One of the ways we are able to help students succeed is by providing access to academic resources and services. Below are just some of the resources available to you on campus or online. It is important for you to take charge of your education and seek out help if you are struggling! 

Explore the tools and resources below, or schedule a tutoring consultation! We are here to help you succeed! 

Tutoring services are available for all currently enrolled students, regardless of class standing. You will meet with the tutoring coordinator first to discuss your needs and then you will either be matched with a tutor (if available), referred to the appropriate resources on campus, or the tutoring coordinator will work with a faculty member to identify possible additional support. 

Courses Available

Here is a list of some of the specific classes we have tutors for. Don't see your course? Set up a tutor consultation to discuss your concerns.

  • CHEM 134-136
  • CHEM 225-226
  • BIOL 130-140
  • BIOL 303
  • BIOL 304
  • Upper-level PSYC courses, such as 320, 405, and 465


For COB courses, please see this site for availability and scheduling. 

Schedule a Tutor Consultation

To schedule a Tutor Consultation, please email Sharon Lobdell at bingle@umich.edu or log into your student portal at my.umdearborn.edu (find Sharon Lobdell in your Success Team to schedule). 

Once you have met with Sharon, a peer tutor will be added to your Success Team in your student portal and you will be able to schedule a session with the tutor. 

Online Tools

Time Management


Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. Trello is a Kanban based project management system that helps people visualize tasks as they move through stages.


Student planner that allows students to enter assignment due dates, exam dates, project deadlines, and add alerts/reminders. 


Time and activities management. This app is a digital “To Do” list that allows you to set reminders,  categorize and prioritize tasks, and share these tasks with family and friends for group projects. Syncs with other apps.


App that allows you to organize tasks and set reminders for yourself.

Google Keep 

Organizes notes, tasks, and sets reminders.

Google Calendar

Schedule classes, events, and reminders.


Purdue OWL

Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material -- as well as bibliography instruction and information.


Online grammar checking, spell checking, and plagiarism detection platform that catches mistakes in real time. 

Google Scholar

Makes searching for credible references and sources easier.




Allows you to take a picture of a math problem and provides you with the solution for that problem. 


Contains almost every textbook with step-by-step solutions to the practice problems.


Mathway is a free tutor online service which will solve math problems.



Learn Spanish, English, French, and more! Practice vocabulary and grammar.


Online courses in language, music, programming from top universities.


Learn various languages for free!


Learn pronunciation, play games, set daily goals, watch videos.



Focus sounds, sleep, relax, instrumental music.

Cold Turkey

Boost your productivity and reclaim your free time by blocking distracting websites, games and applications.

Lock Me Out

Lock Me Out is an app that will lock you out of your phone (facebook, texting, Instagram), when you would rather be studying or doing something else.


Users can earn credits by not using their cell phones and plant real trees around the world with the credits.


Flashcard app that uses spaced repetition and other learning techniques to help you remember new material.


Flashcard app to help study numerous subjects. 


Creative/play interactive games to help you learn and memorize your study material.


Homework Help

Khan Academy

Produces short lessons in the form of YouTube videos. 


Google application to provide homework assistance. 

SymPy Gamma

Step-by-step of math problems and solutions.

Learning Tools

Stack Exchange

Collection of question and answer communities for any subject.

Open Culture

Find information for projects and learn how to write different papers.

Tutorial Find

Provides tutorials for any subject as well as provides feedback from other students.


Offers free online courses in various subjects taught at universities and colleges.

Excel Easy

Free tutorials on how to use Excel functions and for data analysis. 

Good Calculators

This website provides a variety of online calculators, such as math and statistics, engineering and conversion calculators.



Fun, modern way of making an interactive presentation.


Habitica is a free habit-building and productivity app that treats your real life like a game.


Make a mind map, bubble chart, or flowchart.


Create a free and easy website. 


Have questions on how to do an assignment in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or an Adobe product? Not sure what the difference is between "editing" and "suggesting" in a Google doc? TechTutors are here to help! Whether it is an assignment, an Excel challenge, or general help with software and tools such as the Office and Google suites and Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, TechTutors will problem-solve with you to find a solution. TechTutors are available to students, staff and faculty via Zoom appointment (email umdearborntechtutors@umich.edu to set one up). Visit the ExperiencePlus website to find out more information!

Partner Learning Centers

If you need assistance with math, foreign language, writing, or Engineering courses, please refer to the units below. Tutoring Services does not oversee any tutoring in these areas.

How to Reach Us

Tutoring will be conducted in-person and virtually for Winter 2022. Please contact Sharon Lobdell (bingle@umich.edu) to discuss your needs and she will help you with the next steps. Sharon is available virtually to meet and discuss your needs.

Individual tutoring sessions are scheduled between tutors and students based on their availability.

Please reach out if you need assistance...we will work together to set up a meeting and get you back on the academic track!

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