Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) Program

The Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program is created to assist in formalizing existing opportunities and to expand participation of undergraduate students in faculty-led research projects.

The SURE 2021 Showcase was held September 10, 2021, 1-2:30 via Zoom.
Learn more about theprojects and student presenters in this booklet.

The pilot program during the summer of 2018 included students from all four UM-Dearborn colleges which were funded by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, with supplemental funding from the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters and the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

The goal of the SURE Program is to expose undergraduate students to potential educational and research-oriented career paths and provide them with guidance in the practice of research. These goals are accomplished through faculty mentorship and training while students participate in a faculty member’s research or scholarly project.

"Understanding the research process by experiencing it firsthand helps students to understand the importance of research and the work involved. For me it showed me that research is an area I would like to be doing as a career."
- Kyle Ralston, 2019 SURE participant

SURE 2021

For the 2021 virtual SURE program, there was a faculty informational session that took place in February that shared information about the faculty mentoring role, as well as the benefits and challenges related to working with undergraduate students. Applications were accepted through March 15, 2021, and we will add the recipients below when they are all confirmed.

If you have additional questions, please email the SURE faculty committee at

SURE 2021 Projects and Participants

Congratulations to all of our researchers and student researchers! We hope this experience will be interesting, engaging and a good learning experience for all!

2021 SURE Projects


  • Islam and Philosophy in The Digital Age, Imran Aijaz (faculty mentor), Fatima Najdi (student researcher)
  • Bioconjugation of 4-Phenylbutyric Acid (4-PBA) to Gold Nanoparticle, Krisanu Bandyopadhyay (faculty mentor), Tejas Athavale (student researcher)
  • Numerical Range of a Composition Operator on the Ball, John Clifford (faculty mentor), Timothy Batt (student researcher)
  • Alley Activation as a Neighborhood Sustainability Strategy, Paul Draus (faculty mentor), Amina Mikula (student researcher)
  • What is the Role of Cell Handedness/Chirality in Metastasis?, Jie Fan (faculty mentor), Benson Hang (student researcher)
  • Feminism,  Neighborhoods,  and Local Government in Late 20th Century Detroit, Georgina Hickey (faculty mentor), Naja Nile (student researcher)
  • Role of the Protein NHE9 in Phagosome Maturation, Kalyan Kondapalli (faculty mentor), Habiba Shamroukh (student researcher)
  • The Impact of Walmart Health Clinics on Health Insurance Plan Pricing, Antonios Koumpias (faculty mentor), Samantha Marulli (student researcher)
  • Mapping the Link Between Social Vulnerability and Blue and Green Space in Phoenix, AZ, Jacob Napieralski (faculty mentor), Audrey Taylor (student researcher)
  • Building a Community Science Air-Monitoring Program, Carmel Price (faculty mentor), Amani Abuelenain (student researcher)
  • Research for "Oh Happy Day" Project, Deborah Smith Pollard (faculty mentor), Davian Bennett (student researcher)
  • The Ethics of Vaccination, Kriszta Sajber (faculty mentor), Sarah Khaleefah (student researcher)
  • Biophysics of Molecular Motor Proteins in a Crowded Medium, Suvranta Tripathy (faculty mentor), Alhareth Altayib (student researcher)
  • Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Signaling Pathways After Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury, Zhi Zhang (faculty mentor), Nabeeha Shakil (student researcher)


  • Assessing the Charge Discharge Induced Aging in Li-battery Film, Georges Ayoub (faculty mentor), Jacob Gaudette (student researcher)
  • Cost Effective Charging/Refueling Strategies for Autonomous Vehicles, Junaid Farooq (faculty mentor), Shouryan Nikam (student researcher)
  • Collection and Analysis of Quantitative Data During the Dearborn Healthy Streets Program, Fred Feng (faculty mentor), Daniel Maudlin (student researcher)
  • Analyze and Detect Performance Bottlenecks in Virtual Reality Applications, Foyzul Hassan (faculty mentor), Mostafa El Majzoub (student researcher)
  • Driver Style Transfer for Autonomous Driving, Jaerock Kwon (faculty mentor), Faras Al Kharusi (student researcher)
  • Physio-Mechano Model for Pulmonary and COVID Related Disease, Joe Lo (faculty mentor), Sali El-loh (student researcher)
  • Collect Connect Creating an Augmented Reality Experience, Bruce Maxim (faculty mentor), Aaron Salo (student researcher)
  • Identifying Equivalent Web Services, Zheng Song (faculty mentor), Owen Rowader (student researcher)
  • Statistical Behavior of Quantum Bipartite Systems, Lu Wei (faculty mentor)


  • Mujeres Modernas: Meandering Masculinity, Jean-Carlos Lopez (faculty mentor), Yahira Vega (student researcher)


  • Data Analytics in Supply Chain Management, Yi-Su Chen (faculty mentor), Michelle Liu (student researcher)
  • Supply-Base Concentration and Supply Chain Resilience, Hung-Chung Su (faculty mentor), Siddharth Patel (student researcher)
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