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Unique to UM-Dearborn, the Talent Gateway can help you get ready for a successful life and career by connecting you with resources and opportunities and then providing you with a space to reflect on the impact of these experiences. Where do you want to grow? How do you communicate, collaborate, and interact with people who are different than you? How can you develop the competencies employers are looking for?  Join the Talent Gateway now to develop these skills and more!

Congratulations to our newest (M)Talents who presented at the Showcase on April 8, 2021 - learn about our program and these candidates.

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- 6/17/21 @ 2:00 pm, Interviewing Workshop


Connecting with UM-Dearborn Alumni

Networking will be important throughout your life, and UM-Dearborn alumni are here to help! If you are looking for industry or career advice, take this opportunity to connect with the alumni in this database. This is a new project, so we are still building up the number of alumni, but feel free to get started.

Alumni can help with general mentoring, career and industry advice, informational interviews, job shadowing, mock interviews and more!

Fill out this brief form and you will be redirected to a database of alumni who have agreed to be contacted by UM-Dearborn students. 
                                                                If you have any questions, please contact talentgateway@umich.edu.

If you are a UM-Dearborn alumni and would like to participate as a mentor, please fill out this brief form.

What is the Talent Gateway?
They have what you're looking for in the workplace. They are the next level up.
Chris Morin (B.S.M.E. '09) Technical Project Manager, Robert Bosch North America

The (M)Talent Distinction 

Earn points towards the (M)Talent distinction on your transcript by reflecting on "challenges" that stretch you to think creatively and leverage the connections among all of your learning and living experiences. Through our web-based gameful approach to career-readiness, you will recognize and articulate your existing skills while also developing new skills that employers seek such as critical, creative thinking and problem-solving, collaboration, oral and written communication, digital literacy, and global fluency.

Voluntary participation in the Talent Gateway means:

  • taking initiative, building confidence, and stepping outside your comfort zone
  • connecting with peers, faculty, staff, and alumni to explore your passions
  • investing in yourself by spending a few minutes a day on your professional future
  • reflecting on the connections among personal, academic and professional goals to get "career-ready"
  • developing a habit of creative reflection that will launch you on a trajectory of success and thoughtful action

Challenge submissions are read and responded to by the Career Peers, who are upperclassmen or graduate students. They are also available as peer mentors, helping students identify personal passions and interests, and discovering opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Within the Talent Gateway's virtual community, students also interact with learning modules, identify resources, and work with mentors. All of these opportunities encourage life-long habits that will launch students on a trajectory of continuous reflection and thoughtful action, preparing them for professional and personal success.

The DUCC Mentoring Program

The Diverse Understanding Creating Community (DUCC) Mentoring Program is here to support you during your first year at the university! This collaborative effort between the Office of Student Life and the Talent Gateway aspires to have a positive impact on first year student success while encouraging campus engagement, connectivity, and community. 

Participating students will join a group led by an upperclassman mentor who will serve as a resource for you as you navigate the first-year experience. Participate in study seminars, luncheons with faculty/staff, and panel discussions with upperclassmen mentors. 

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