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The world of work is changing rapidly - multiple careers, short and long term positions, collaborative projects. Are you ready for it? How will you develop the skills needed to reinvent yourself throughout your career?

Become a part of our virtual community and interact with learning modules, engage in discussion boards, identify resources and work with mentors as you develop the skills you need to reinvent yourself throughout your career. Participate in challenges that are opportunities to creatively reflect and make the connections among your personal, academic and career goals, honing your creative problem-solving skills that will serve you well in life and work. You choose which challenges to pursue, and because they are web-based, you can do them any time, anywhere. 

The (M)Talent distinction identifies the exceptional characteristics these students bring to the workplace. To achieve (M)Talent, candidates must present at the (M)Talent Showcase demonstrating what they have learned and the impact it has had; this event was held on April 20th, 2017.

Discover the Talent Gateway!

Launched in September 2016, the Talent Gateway is a campus-wide, innovative program unique to the University of Michigan-Dearborn. The Talent Gateway Online Community connects students with resources, opportunities, and people that can help  students reflect on their experiences, practice new skills, and take charge of their own personal, academic and career success. 

Talent Gateway Challenges are opportunities for students to creatively reflect on and leverage what they are already doing in class, at home and at work, and can give them a competitive edge as they hone their creative problem-solving skills. In the Talent Gateway Challenges, students can

  • grow their professional skills
  • network and make connections
  • prepare for the future workplace
  • engage with a mentor
  • become MTalent! (this distinction will be on the official University of Michigan transcript)

For those who want a more enriching Talent Gateway experience, students can be connected with a Talent Ambassador (a junior, senior, or graduate student peer mentor) or an Alumni Mentor for support in navigating the wealth of exceptional academic, experiential learning, and leadership opportunities available both on and off campus. 

Hear from Talent Gateway Participants
"The Talent Gateway provides a safe environment for you to ask questions, fail, succeed, and share those experiences with people who are going through the same thing."
Alyssa Dorchak, Talent Ambassador Liaison (Journalism Major, graduation December 2016)

Honors Transfer Gateway

The Honors Transfer Gateway is a unique learning community that unites high-achieving transfer students and provides a space to explore and develop your own creativity and leadership. If you are curious, self-motivated, and open to receiving support from fellow students, you will thrive in the Honors Transfer Gateway.

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