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Are you ready for life after college? If not, join the Talent Gateway!

Today’s workplace requires creative, flexible, adaptable project leaders and problem solvers who can interact with a diverse world positively and productively. How are students getting ready? Unique to UM-Dearborn, the Talent Gateway helps students prepare for a successful life and career by connecting them with resources and opportunities and then providing them with a space to reflect on the impact of these experiences.

The (M)Talent Distinction
Earn points towards the (M)Talent distinction on your transcript by reflecting on "challenges" that stretch you to think creatively and leverage the connections among all of your learning and living experiences. Through a fun, web-based approach, you'll learn to recognize and articulate your existing skills while also developing new ones that employers are looking for, such as critical creative thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, communication, and digital literacy.

The (M)Talent Showcase was held April 11. This booklet outlines the event as well as information about all of our (M)Talent candidates.

Why is this important?

Employers seek graduates with not only the academic knowledge and hard skills required of the position, but soft skills as well.  Graduates with strong interpersonal skills contribute positively to the organization, and these employees will be adaptable and ready to pivot to meet the changing needs of today's workplace. By reflecting on your experiences in the Talent Gateway, you will be better able to articulate why you are the best candidate for the jobs you seek, and you'll be able to demonstrate a range of skills and competencies that resonate with potential employers. 

What are you waiting for? Take charge and join the Talent Gateway today!

"They have what you're looking for in the workplace. They are the next level up."
Chris Morin (B.S.M.E. '09) Technical Project Manager, Robert Bosch North America

Developing Soft Skills

The Talent Gateway uses the 8 career-ready skills defined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers along with creativity and civic engagement as the foundation for the skill building opportunities it provides. As students complete challenges, they develop habits of self-reflection and critical thinking.  Participating in the Talent Gateway:

  • Challenges you to engage with peers, attend events, and be active citizens
  • Helps you connect your academic, personal and professional goals
  • Leverages your living and learning experiences for a successful future
  • Encourages personal and professional development through reflection
  • Connects you to peer and alumni mentors to help guide your path
  • Promotes habits of life-long learning and creativity
  • Builds confidence and encourages initiative while stepping outside your comfort zone

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