Graduate Application Status

Monitor your status online for current updates.

An online application offers the convenience of accessing your application status anytime. However, please wait for a confirmation email that indicates your application has been fully processed before checking the portal for updates. It's important to understand the steps, expected timeframes, and tips provided below when monitoring your application status. 

Applicants are also encouraged to be mindful of their deadline. Programs with hard deadlines strictly require the submission of all materials by the specified date. However, programs not explicitly itemized offer rolling admissions, meaning applications and materials received past the advised deadline may still be considered through the posted final day to submit. If you are unsure whether your program has a hard or rolling deadline, please reach out to us.

For inquiries on the admissions process or your application status, contact the Office of Graduate Studies. Allow for a 1-2 business day response time when reaching out by email or voicemail. We are available Monday through Friday, from 8AM to 5PM.

Office of Graduate Studies

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