Graduate Application Status

Monitor your status online for current updates.

One of the many benefits to applying online is the ability to log in at anytime to check for updates on your application. Please allow five business days from initial submission before starting to monitor. 

We recommend applicants be familiar with the instructions, timelines, and tips below. 

  • Instructions on Using the Online Portal
    • Go to the Admissions application website
    • Use the username and password you set when completing your web application, and click "Sign In"
    • Under My Applications, select the appropriate application
    • Your Checklist will be updated as your application progresses through the process 
    • When an admission decision is available your portal will be updated. 

    Materials cannot be uploaded into the Online Portal. Do you have questions about how to submit outstanding items? Review the How to Apply instructions

  • Supplemental Materials Processing Timeline

    Our normal processing time is 3-5 business days (Monday-Friday) before your application summary will reflect an updated document in the portal for most document types. This timeline may be affected during times of high volume.

    Note that different document types have different processing procedures and can therefore update at different times. Please keep this in mind as you monitor your status. 

  • GMAT/GRE Waiver Review Timeline (College of Business)

    Applicants who believe they are eligible for the GMAT/GRE waiver select "Yes" when prompted in the Test Score section of the online application. Once all required materials except the GMAT/GRE test score have been marked as received in your online portal, your file is routed to the College of Business to review your request for the waiver. 

  • UM-Dearborn Transcript Review (Internal Evaluation) Timeline

    International transcripts will require an additional internal evaluation. This evaluation generally occurs once all required materials have been submitted and must be completed before the admissions review committee can make an admissions decision. If further items are required to complete this evaluation, you will be contacted directly. Most evaluations are generally completed in 4-6 weeks of being added to the queue.

    Timing is dependent on when your file was ready for the review, how familiar your evaluator is with your institution, if additional research or verification is required to complete the review, and the overall volume of transcripts ready for the review. All of the following must be received in order to conduct the review:

    • Submitted application
    • Official or institution-attested academic records required by country
    • English language proficiency met per university guidelines 

    Further details regarding this review may be found under “UM-Dearborn Transcript Review” in the How to Apply instructions

  • Decision Review Timeline

    Applications are not sent for decision review until all required supplemental materials are received/processed and the UM-Dearborn Transcript Review is complete (when applicable). 

    When applying to a program with rolling admission, complete files are generally reviewed within 2-3 weeks.

    When applying to a program with a hard deadline, all complete applications are reviewed at once and a decision will not come until after the review committee has met.

Important Tips for Monitoring Your Status

  • Questions about how to submit outstanding items? Review the How to Apply instructions.
  • Additional items may appear on your checklist as needed.
  • International transcripts will require an additional internal evaluation. This evaluation generally occurs once all required materials have been submitted and must be completed before the admissions review committee can make an admissions decision. 

Need Help Logging In?

If you want to check your application status online and have forgotten your password, please utilize the “Forgot Password” function under the sign in button.

 Please contact Graduate Admissions with any questions about the admissions process.

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