Career Services for Employers

Career Services at UM-Dearborn assists students and alumni by offering events and services to help connect them with employers. We offer a full spectrum of services to accommodate employers of all sizes and industries, from federal & non-profit to entrepreneurial enterprise & international manufacturing corporations serving students and alumni from all majors!

Career Services offers a variety of strategies to enhance your visibility virtually & on campus to help connect you with students. Please review the information on our services and programming. If you would like to develop a specialized recruitment strategy, contact us - we would be happy to assist you with all your recruiting needs and we look forward to working with you!

Involvement Opportunities for Employers

Career Fairs

Your organization will have the opportunity to provide career and employment information to students seeking co-op/internship opportunities, part-time or summer professional positions, as well as full-time professional employment for graduating students and alumni.

The Virtual Spring Career Fair is on Thursday 3/4/2021. Register your company to attend!

We will be using Career Fair+ for the Spring Career Fair. Please check this great guideline to help you navigate through it and make your experience better and easier. 

The Office of Career Services hosts multiple Career Fairs each year:

  • Fall Career Fair
  • Spring Career Fair 
  • Federal and Nonprofit Career Fair
  • Teacher Career Fair
  • Health & Human Services Career Fair

If you have any questions, please contact Mai Qazzaz.

Virtual Interviews

We offer you the option to interview our students/alumni virtually!

To set up a virtual Interview, please email Mai Qazzaz and provide the following information:

  • Position title
  • Majors 
  • Graduation Date range
  • GPA requirements
  • Work authorization
  • Job description 

You will be guided through the process and kept informed as to the status of your schedule.

If you are interested in helping our students practice by conducting mock interviews, please let Mai know that as well. This support enables our students to be more adept and comfortable when they have interviews for future positions.

Special Outreach Events

We encourage employers to interact and get to know our students! If your organization would like to enhance your connections with our students - including virtually! - we offer a variety of opportunities and are open to new suggestions.

  • Informational Sessions/Presentations/Panels: These events provide employers with the opportunity to share about their organization and career opportunities. Additionally, if you are interested in speaking on a panel or conducting a workshop on a specific topic, please contact Mai Qazzaz for more information.

  • Employer Days:  Develop a series of interactions during the course of an extended event (i.e. employer panels, information sessions, workshops, etc.) dedicated to your organization. Contact Mai Qazzaz for more information. 

  • National Society of Leadership & Success: To be inducted into this society, students must complete an orientation, leadership training, and participate in success networking teams in addition to attending speaker broadcasts. Employers can participate as speakers and networking events; for more information contact Jennifer Macleod the Chapter Advisor.  

  • Alumni and Student Networking Nights: Help our students develop professional relationships with Wolverines in the workforce by joining us for networking events. Students from all majors participate, and these conversations encourage students to become more comfortable and provide opportunities for learning. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, these events will take place virtually - contact Alumni Engagement or Talent Gateway for more information.

  • Talent Gateway (M)Talent Showcase: This Showcase is an opportunity for (M)Talent candidates to demonstrate how they have made connections among their academic, personal and professional goals, and to share how other students can learn from their experiences. As employers, we encourage you to attend this event to learn more about the Talent Gateway and (M)Talent directly from the students.

  • UM-Dearborn Alumni: We have created a database that will help students connect with employers for informational and mock interviews as well as mentoring opportunities. If you are a UM-Dearborn alumnus, please fill out this form.

If you would like to discuss other ideas or opportunities to connect with our students please contact Mai Qazzaz.

Company Tours*

*Due to the pandemic, we understand that in-person tours are not viable at this time. However, if you are able to offer virtual tours, we can work with you to set it up and market it to our students.

For more information, contact Mai Qazzaz.

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