Environmental Studies

The solutions to the current environmental problems are complex and require teamwork and understanding between specialists and generalists in many disciplines.

The Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies degree program focuses on the interdisciplinary nature of environmental problem solving at the local, regional and international levels. Students can choose from among four (4) focus areas. Throughout their academic studies, students in this program interact with students in the Environmental Science program.

Earth & Environmental Sciences Discipline Chair: Dr. David Susko

Career Opportunities

Upon completion of this program, the graduates have a great variety of career opportunities available in both the public and private sectors. For example, recent graduates hold positions such as teacher, national park naturalist, resource policy planner, air quality analyst, regional land use planner, public health officer and director of a public interest group.

All students who qualify for graduate school should seriously consider working toward an advanced degree, which is required for most leadership positions. Information about the UM-Dearborn Master of Science in Environmental Science is available.

Degree Requirements

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COVID-19 Update

Our laboratories will offer a combination of virtual experience, simulation and demonstration to provide as close to a true laboratory experience as possible.

Students taking Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Geology can expect a rigorous curriculum that will provide both lecture and laboratory experience yet maintain social distancing.

Program Goals


Visit the Environmental Studies Internship Program page for more information.

Environmental Studies Faculty

Ulrich Kamp

Professor of Earth and Environment; Environmental Internship Advisor

Department of Natural Sciences

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