The human resource management major is designed to prepare a student to enter the field of human resource management/personnel policy administration.

The HRM function of an organization assumes responsibility for all aspects of creating and maintaining the organizations labor pool including staffing, training and development, performance evaluation, compensation, and labor relations.

Human Resource Management Major Requirements - 21 Credits

  • Required Courses

    HRM 305 - Human Resource Policy/Administration
    HRM 406 - Talent Sourcing & Acquisition
    HRM 407 - Compensation and Performance Management
    HRM 408 - Legal Issues in Human Resources
    HRM 409 - Talent & Leadership Development

  • HRM Electives: Choose Two Courses

    DS 310 - Data Mining for Business Intelligence
    ECON 321 - Labor in the American Economy
    ECON 4021 - Economics of the Labor Sector
    HRM 485 - Seminar: Human Resource Management
    HRM 495 - Research: Human Resource Management^
    MKT 363 - Digital Consumer Search & Marketing
    OB 401 - Management Skills Development
    OB 402 - Organizational Change and Development
    OB 403 - Negotiation & Conflict Management
    OB 404 - International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior
    OB 485 - Seminar: Organizational Behavior
    OB 495 - Research: Organizational Behavior^ 
    PSYC 3955 - Diversity and the Workplace

    ^ Students must obtain instructor approval in advance for independent research.

    Note: HRM majors may be able to petition for permission to utilize BI 350/450,COB internship, to satisfy one "choose from" HRM Elective. The internship must be approved by the department chairperson in advance of the work assignment.



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