The supply chain management major is an interdisciplinary field that emphasizes cross-functional links and seeks to manage those links to enhance a company's competitive advantage.

The supply chain management major encompasses a set of approaches utilized to efficiently integrate suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses, and stores, so that merchandise is produced and distributed at the right quantities, to the right locations, and at the right time, in order to minimize system-wide costs while satisfying service level requirements.

Supply Chain Management Major Requirements - 21 Credits

  • Required Courses

    OM 460 - Supply Chain Management
    OM 465 - Strategic Sourcing
    OM 470 - Analysis and Design of Supply Chain
    OM 475 - Supply Chain Logistics Management
    OM 480 - ERP in Supply Chain

  • Choose Two Courses

    DS 310 - Data Mining for Business Intelligence
    HRM 305 - Human Resource Policy 
    ISM 382 - Advanced Computer Applications
    MKT 436 - Business to  Business Marketing
    OM 493 - Independent Research: Operations Management (Must obtain instructor approval in advance)

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