Steps for Relaxation Exercises

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Steps for Relaxation

Steps for using the relaxation exercises

1. Try to practice whichever exercise you prefer at least once or twice a day. Expect your ability to relax to improve as you continue practicing, and expect to practice two or three weeks before you become genuinely proficient. Once you learn how to do one of the exercises, you may no longer require the recorded instructions, and you can tailor the exercise to your own liking.

2. Avoid practicing within an hour before or after a meal (either hunger or feeling full may distract you). Also avoid practicing immediately after engaging in vigorous exercise.

3. Sit quietly and in a comfortable position, with your legs uncrossed and your arms resting at your sides. This is especially important when you are first learning the exercise.

4. Adopt a calm, accepting attitude towards your practice. Don't worry about how well you're doing or about possible interruptions. Instead, know that with repetition your ability to relax will grow.

5. When you are ready, close your eyes, begin listening to the recording, and follow the directions. As you complete the exercise, you can expect your mind to wander a bit—when this happens you can simply re-direct your focus back to the recording.

6. Once you've finished, stretch, look around and remain still another minute or two.

7. As you become skilled with either of the exercises, try applying them to specific situations that might otherwise be anxiety provoking, such as tests, oral presentations, difficult social situations, job interviews, insomnia, and so forth. If you need help learning or applying the exercises, consider meeting with a counselor.

Additional resource

The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook (5th edition), by Martha Davis, Elizabeth R. Eshelman, and Matthew McKay is a popular self-help book that provides a wide variety of sensible, straightforward, and effective strategies for addressing everyday stress. The book was published in 2000 by New Harbinger Publications. The book is available from the HWS library and the College Store. Follow this link to the publisher’s Web site.

Special thanks to Mike Black, general manager of WEOS radio, for his help in recording the relaxation exercises. Follow this link to learn more about WEOS.