Goals for the Undergraduate Experience

At University of Michigan-Dearborn, we believe the benefits of academic work are enhanced when classroom and intellectual rigor interact with community engagement and experiential learning.

Our university is uniquely situated to address the complex challenges facing the metropolitan region by offering students rigorous academic offerings as well as the opportunity to apply that knowledge in real-world situations. Our goal is to graduate students who are able to apply theoretical and discipline-specific knowledge to discover creative solutions to problems as to successfully communicate those ideas both individually and as part of a group.

Our undergraduate programs provide students with the opportunities to:

  • develop particular skills and abilities.
  • think critically and creatively to solve problems.
  • cultivate an appreciation of aesthetic and ethical values.
  • acquire both breadth of knowledge and depth of understanding gained through the study of one or more academic disciplines.

Our faculty has a common commitment across units to provide students with foundational knowledge through content-specific courses, extracurricular activities and community-oriented experiences.

There are six goals for undergraduate student learning and experiences at UM-Dearborn.

Goals for Undergraduate Student Learning and Experiences