The world is more connected than ever.

Our campus reflects the rich cultural diversity of today’s global workplace. Every day, our students learn to navigate and respect each other’s worlds and worldviews, preparing them to collaborate with colleagues worldwide.

Global learning

Experience world cultures and strengthen your resume, all while earning credit toward your degree. We connect students to study abroad opportunities on four continents: Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. Immersive experiences will help you develop multicultural fluency and communications skills that employers seek.

Making multicultural connections

Our study abroad students:

  • travel to Ghana to learn about post-colonial development firsthand.
  • study business at a 2,000-year-old French university where old-world surroundings meet 21st-century ideas.
  • spend a summer in Finland, where daylight lasts 22 hours, to deepen their grasp of technology’s role in a global economy.
  • perfect their Spanish in Valencia and German in Berlin.

You can spend several weeks or a full year abroad, taking courses for credit, completing internships or conducting independent research.


Contact the Office of International Affairs for help throughout the process, from initial research and financial assistance to stateside return.

Did You Know?

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The International Summer Program in Management is one way our students prepare for success in the global economy.