Outside Interest Disclosure

What Does “Disclosure” Mean?

Disclosure simply means making information about your outside interests known to the university.

What is an Outside Activity?

Outside activities, relationships, or interests are certain personal, professional, commercial, or financial endeavors in which you are involved with an entity/organization external to U-M in a role using the same professional expertise, service, or knowledge you provide to U-M, and that are NOT part of a project administered at U-M. Such activities generally fall into five categories:

  • Activities and relationships (paid or unpaid) 
  • International engagements
  • Intellectual property (IP) 
  • Ownership interest (equity, stock, or stock options)
  • Payments, loans, and reimbursements

What is the Policy About Disclosing Outside Activities?

Policies on Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment, and disclosing outside financial interests are posted on the Dearborn Provost website. Disclosure of outside financial interests is required annually every July and must be updated within 30 days if any changes occur. Disclosures of outside financial interests and conflicts of interest or commitment by faculty or staff are made in the university’s M-Inform system.

How Does This Affect Grant Proposals?

Up-to-date disclosure in M-Inform is required to apply for UM-Dearborn Campus Grants and external funding. Any faculty member, staff member, or student listed as an investigator on a U-M proposal approval form (PAF) or award (AWD) must disclose their outside activities. U-M Conflict of Interest Committees review this information to determine any impact of outside activities on the design, conduct, or reporting of research. If a potential or actual conflict related to the project is found, the committee works with the individual to eliminate, minimize, or manage the conflict.

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