Campus Grants

About the Campus Grants Program

The Campus Grants program is an important part of research development efforts at UM-Dearborn, and supports a wide range of research and scholarly activities for our faculty. Campus Grants funds also provide investments for interdisciplinary research. The UM-Dearborn Office of Research provides funding for the following program types:

Competitive Program grants are available to all UM-Dearborn tenured/tenure-track faculty. The competitive programs open for applications two times each fiscal year. The solicitations for the programs are published on this website approximately 8 weeks before the cycle deadline. Awards for each cycle are announced three months after the cycle deadline. 

Open Invitation/Non-competitive Programs are available to all UM-Dearborn tenured/tenure-track faculty; applications are accepted any time during the fiscal year while funds are available. Award decisions are made within 10 business days of application submission. 

For additional information about grants available, complete requirements and determining your eligibility to apply, please review the information on this page.

Requirements and Eligibility

Competitive Campus Grants

The Competitive Campus Grants below are available to all UM-Dearborn tenured/tenure-track faculty.


All PIs are required to share the proposal summary, budget, and budget justification with their Department Chair and Dean’s Office BEFORE submitting a campus grant application. Please email the three documents (project summary, project budget and budget justification) to your Chair and Dean’s Office and ask them if they see any issues with the submission (do NOT cc the Office of Research on the above correspondence). If necessary, make additional changes to the proposal and JUST THEN submit your application in InfoReady. NO FURTHER CHANGES will be allowed after you submit your InfoReady application. 

When submitting your final application in InfoReady, you will be asked to confirm that the above steps have been completed. After all applications are received, we will ask your Chair and Dean’s Office to confirm in InfoReady their approval of your application. 

Dean’s Office Approvers by College (email only the approver in your college):
CASL: Yunus Zeytuncu <[email protected]>
CECS: Leigh McGrath <[email protected]>
CEHHS: Stein Brunvand <[email protected]>
COB: Claudia Kocher <[email protected]>

Open Invitation Campus Grants

The following Open Invitation Grants are available to all UM-Dearborn tenured/tenure-track faculty.

NOTE: Funds for Fiscal Year 2024 Open Invitation Grants have been exhausted. Fiscal Year 2025 Open Invitation Grants are anticipated to reopen in July 2024.

InfoReady Application System for Campus Grants

Campus Grants are managed using the InfoReady automated application software system, which allows applicants to complete and submit proposals online. Approvals from your Department and Dean's Office will be obtained electronically. All of the information needed to complete your proposal is available on the site, including instructions for how to log in, update your profile, and submit a proposal (check the gray right margin when you get to the destination page).

Grant Funding Resources for Lecturers & Students

The Office of Research currently does not offer grants for lecturers or students, however please find resources for this type of funding below:

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