2021-2022 Staff Senate Committee Rosters

Staff Recognition

This committee shall serve to ensure staff across campus are recognized for their efforts.

Chair: Rachel Buzzeo

Members: Helene Boldarini, Winston Cannon, Cris Frendo, Eva Gogola, Nina Loveberry, Belinda Soliz, Nikki Wasilius


This committee, chaired by the Communications Coordinator, shall oversee the Senate news articles and update the website with relevant information and events.

Chair: Mary Jones

Members: Eva Gogola, Michelle Fallscheer, Celia Robinson


This committee shall manage the logistics and partnerships for the Chancellor’s picnic and other campus wide events that the Senate co-sponsors.

Chair: Eva Gogola

Members: Rachel Buzzeo, Belinda Soliz, Robert Ward, Nikki Wasilius

Staff Engagement

This committee shall host socials for staff to build connections, and shall develop and implement other on campus methods of engaging staff.

Chair: Bryan Earl

Members: Sarah Dorchak, Mary Jones, Sheryl Kubiak

Professional Development

This committee shall assess the professional development needs of staff and provide supplementary offerings to support those led by Human Resources.

Chair: Celia Robinson

Members: Rich Durant, Josh Palmer, Lisa Perry, Robin Rivas


This committee shall be chaired by the Parliamentarian and shall be responsible for upkeep of the bylaws, and shall oversee Senate elections.

Chair: Sheryl Kubiak

Members: Rich Durant, Michelle Fallsheer, Shari Marshall