About Sustainability at UM-Dearborn

Sustainability is a mindset and framework for ensuring current and future generations have equitable access to the resources for a full and vibrant life without the exploitation of people, society or the environment. This definition was adopted from UM Student Life. 

Sustainability at the University of Michigan-Dearborn is a collaborative effort between multiple departments, organizations, and individuals. See list below.

Facilities Operations

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The mission of Facilities Operations is to serve the University by developing, operating, maintaining, and renewing excellent campus environments for teaching, learning and research, leadership, working, and personal growth. It supports the University's mission through the development of education, guidance, and partnerships that promote health, safety, and protection of the environment. 

The following Facilities Operations Teams play an integral role in improving campus sustainability through various facilities based programs and projects: Plant Operations, Grounds, Maintenance, Custodial, Facilities Planning, Parking & Transportation, Business Office, Environmental Health & Safety, and University Unions & Events. The facilities staff called out below are responsible for leading sustainability and energy focused initiatives.

Grace Maves (she/her)

Sustainability Programs Coordinator

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Grace is responsible for leading sustainability culture and behavior change initiatives for the University through collaborative educational experiences, events, trainings, and programs. She manages the UM-Dearborn Planet Blue Ambassador program, which introduces students, staff, and faculty to sustainability efforts at the University of Michigan and inspires them to get involved. 

Prior to joining Facilities Operations at UM-Dearborn, Grace worked at Wayne State University in the Office of Campus Sustainability where she helped develop an award winning Compost Program. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science with minors in Urban Sustainability and Urban Studies. Outside of the office, Grace enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and making memories with her friends and family. Contact Grace at [email protected].

Sasha Kindred (she/her)

Sustainable Wellbeing Intern

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Sasha serves as a Sustainable Wellbeing Intern for the Planet Blue Ambassador (PBA) program. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Services with a concentration in Human Services and a minor in Women's and Gender Studies. After her undergraduate degree, she plans on completing a graduate degree in social work and conducting community-engaged research.

When Sasha first got started with the program in the summer of 2023, she was mainly responsible for creating communications content and helping co-lead the development and implementation of sustainability-focused events at the University. Now, Sasha's primary responsibilities entail promoting environmental wellness, fostering community engagement, and discussing environmental justice (EJ) issues with the campus community. Aside from environmental wellness and justice, Sasha is especially interested in medical sociology, the social determinants of health, violence prevention, community organizing, and health equity. In addition to working with PBA, Sasha works as a research assistant for the Ypsi Farmers and Gardeners Oral History Project.

In her free time, Sasha enjoys reading, writing realistic fiction, volunteering, and visiting the Environmental Interpretive Center. Contact Sasha at [email protected].

Bridget Lawson (she/they)

Sustainability Operations Intern

headshot of Bridget

Bridget is the Sustainability Operations Intern for the Planet Blue Ambassador program, and she is responsible for looking for new ways to help divert campus waste from landfills. They are currently majoring in English, minoring in Chemistry and Environmental Studies, and are working on a Writing Certificate. She also works in the Writing Center and is the vice president of the Student Sustainability Coalition on campus.

Bridget hopes to be able to combine their major and minors and pursue science writing as a way to inform and educate others about our rapidly changing climate. In her free time, they enjoy reading, looking for planets at night, writing, and going on nature walks around campus. Contact Bridget at [email protected].

Natalie Albrecht (she/they)

Sustainability Communications & Events Intern

portait photo of natalie albrechtNatalie Albrecht is a Sustainability Communications and Events Intern for the Planet Blue Ambassador program. Her responsibilities entail engaging the campus through crafting and curating content for social media, managing events, and making sure everyone on campus stays well informed on the sustainability efforts occurring. As Natalie steps into the role, she hopes to introduce more people to the merits of sustainability and further build a community that can put sustainable practices into action.

Natalie is currently a senior student who will soon be graduating with a major in Journalism and Screen Studies and a minor in Sociology. She remains involved in many clubs and has leadership positions as the Managing Editor of Lyceum Literary Magazine and Secretary of the Transformative Criminal Justice club. When she’s not rushing around campus, Natalie enjoys listening to podcasts, cuddling up with her cat, reading, writing, and playing Dungeons and Dragons. In the future, Natalie hopes to continue sharing informational and uplifting stories as a journalist. Most of all, she hopes her contributions will help shape a more equitable, just, and loving world. Contact Natalie at [email protected].

Parya (Artemis) Hamidi (she/her)

headshot photo of ParyaParya is part of the Strategic Energy Management (SEM) joint program of DTE Energy and the University of Michigan-Dearborn. As part of this program, she facilitates and supports various initiatives, including the UM-Dearborn energy and carbon neutrality KPI dashboard, campus outdoor lighting, demand-controlled ventilation, pilot programs with DTE, as well as promoting DTE incentives for energy projects.

Currently, Parya is pursuing her Master of Science in Systems Engineering Management, building on her foundation in Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering from her Bachelor of Science degree. Parya enjoys photography, cloud spotting, and listening to music. Also, she is an amateur astronomer and cosmology educator. Over a decade, she's shared the wonders of cosmology with diverse audiences, emphasizing accessibility for non-physics enthusiasts. Contact Parya at [email protected].

Sumit Ray (he/him)

Energy Manager

Contact Sumit at [email protected].

Carol Glick

Executive Director

Contact Carol at [email protected].

Environmental Interpretive Center

front of the Environmental Interpretive Center building

The Environmental Interpretive Center (EIC) at UM-Dearborn promotes a healthy environment through education, applied research, community engagement and stewardship. The EIC’s educational programs and research activities focus on raising public awareness of environmental issues and developing and implementing strategies for creating cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable communities. It also serves as the gateway to the 300+ acre Environmental Study Area that provides a natural sanctuary for people, plants, and animals alike. Explore the natural area using the Campus Trail and Bike Path Map or visit the EIC's website to learn more.

Campus Energy and Sustainability Team

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The Campus Sustainability & Energy Team is a committee of students, faculty, and staff that support and track University initiatives that save energy, reduce waste, shrink our carbon footprint and promote biodiversity.

Please send any questions you may have about this committee to [email protected].

Sustainability at UM-Dearborn

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