Strategic Planning

For 60 years, the University of Michigan-Dearborn has pushed the boundaries of higher education and continuously pursued opportunities to serve the students, industries and communities of southeast Michigan and beyond.

Despite our unequivocal and manifest success, UM-Dearborn is not immune to the challenges that face all higher-ed institutions as we strive to achieve our mission of being a transformational center of learning for all capable students. Throughout 2019 our strategic planning process will engage all of our stakeholders — faculty, students, alumni, staff, executive leadership, supporters and our partners in business, industry and the community at large — in an open-minded, open-ended conversation around fundamental reconsideration of our educational model.

Working groups

Two initial working groups have been established — Vision 2020 Review Working Group and the Environmental Scanning Working Group — charged with conducting a full situational analysis of the current internal and external environment. To support the strategic planning process, the work of these groups will assist in identifying the organizational strengths and challenges, and also determining what trends in the external environment may impact UM-Dearborn's future.

Chair: Becky Chadwick, Executive Director, Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Vision 2020 Review Working Group

  • Joy Beatty, COB
  • Marc Brigolin, Business Affairs
  • Barbara Klein, COB
  • Ann Lampkin-Williams, CEHHS
  • Kevin McAlpine, Institutional Advancement
  • Mitch Sollenberger, Provost Office
  • Tom Wolsek, student

Environmental Scanning Working Group

  • Rima Berry-Hung, Business Affairs
  • Cheryl Donohoe, Institutional Advancement
  • Amy Finley, Student Life
  • Carol Glick, Business Affairs
  • Noel Hornbacher, Business Affairs
  • Beth Marmarelli, External Relations
  • Dan Merian, Enrollment Management
  • Michael Kamen, COB
  • Ghassan Kridli, CECS
  • Mike Latvis, External Relations
  • Maureen Linker, Mardigian Library
  • Deb Peffer, Enrollment Management
  • Carrie Shumaker, ITS
  • Dale Thomson, CASL
  • Trista Wdziekonski, Graduate Studies

Additional Working Groups

These working groups will be established as part of the process. Information about joining these groups will be made available soon.

  1. Student Experience and Success
  2. Scholar-Teacher
  3. Staff Development
  4. Resources, Structures, Efficiencies and Management
  5. Public Prominence, Awareness, Partnerships, Community Engagement


Quarter 1 (January – March)

  • UM-Dearborn Conversations
  • Initial Situational Analysis Working Groups Meet
  • Thought Leader Sessions
  • Additional Working Group membership assembled

Quarter 2 (April – June)

  • Inauguration
  • Working Group open forums and other engagement begins
  • Thought Leader Sessions

Quarter 3 (July – September)

  • Working groups continue throughout summer
  • Larger campus forums and updates shared

Quarter 4 (October – December)

  • Final product
  • Celebrate!

Our words

These clouds visualize the frequency of words in the documents and feedback of the strategic planning process. 

Share your thoughts

Your thoughts about the paper and upcoming strategic planning process are welcomed! Your feedback will be used to help guide the work of the campus community over the next 12 months. Campus feedback will be continuously solicited and incorporated into working sessions and campus decisions.

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