Strategic Planning: Academic Student Success

The 2021-2026 Academic Success Strategic Plan

What is the Academic Success Strategic Plan?

Over the last 5 years, offices and programs across campus have worked towards improving retention and graduation rates through focused interventions, collaborative programming, and process improvements. Campus stakeholders, led by the Office of Academic Success (OAS) and the Office of the Provost, have agreed on the following Goals and Tactics that align with initiatives under the Chancellor’s Strategic Priority #1:

  • Enhance coordination of support 
  • Develop data driven content 
  • Create marketing and access to resources
  • Positively impact retention and graduation rates

The plan will be guided and managed by the Core Group, consisting of:

  • Provost Office - Mitch Sollenberger 
  • Provost Faculty Fellow - Kelly Jabbusch
  • Director, Office of Academic Success (OAS) - Jess LaGrange
  • Mardigian Library / OAS - Kelsey Parker
  • Enrollment Management - Morgan Yuncker 
  • Nesrin Cengiz- Phillips - CASL Faculty 
  • Georges Ayoub - CECS Faculty  
  • Susan Everett - CEHHS Faculty 
  • Diana Smrt - COB Faculty
  • Kyle Sutherland - CASL
  • Jennifer Makas- CECS
  • Deidra Berry - CECS
  • Tuere Wheeler  - COB
  • Samyka Aloyo  - CEHHS

Campus Partner Groups will be formed based on Goals, Tactics, and Action Items.

The Campus Partners will include: 

  • Associate Deans from each college, related to their action items
  • OAS 
  • TRIO 
  • Advising Offices
  • SOAR 
  • Hub for Teaching and Learning
  • Enrollment Management 
    • Admissions and Orientation 
    • Registrar's Office 
    • University Services 
  • External Relations 
    • Marketing 
    • Student Communications 

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