Online Enrollment for International Students

The OIA is aware that not all international students are able to obtain their F-1 visa in time to join the University in-person for the semester of their admission. Therefore, the OIA is pleased to offer the following information about beginning an academic program online, from abroad, as an international student. As no visa is required for online study from abroad, beginning an academic program online, from home, may be a viable option for some international students. 

Students should note that if they begin their program online with the intention of completing the F-1 visa application process and joining the University for a future semester, they must defer their I-20. I-20 program dates must correspond to a student's semester of in-country enrollment. 

Please note, doctoral students are encouraged to reach out to their respective College graduate office and/or academic advisor to discuss options regarding online enrollment. There exist significant considerations, which are specific to doctoral students, not discussed below. 

(Last revised 07/26/2022)

FAQ for new international students considering online enrollment:

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