OPT Stem Change Employer (Optional Practical Training)

This form is to be used by U-M students who are currently on STEM OPT and have changed their STEM employer. If you are currently on Post-Completion OPT and would like to apply for a STEM Extension, please fill out the OPT STEM Extension I-20 Request Form.

Students must submit a self-evaluation reporting Form I-983 the progress of their STEM OPT training experience for their 12-month reporting and at the end of any STEM OPT employment.  If you are changing employers, you must submit the Form I-983 Final Evaluation of the previous employer, and submit the Form I0983 Training Plan of the new employer.  If you are ending your current employment, you must submit the Form I-983 Final Evaluation.  Information of Form I-983 is here and Form I983 Instruction is here.

  • You may elect to print a new I-20 form with your updated employer information.
  • I-20 processing time is 5-10 business days.

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