Wolverine Learning Communities

UM-Dearborn offers several unique communities of your peers for you to join to enhance your experience at UM-Dearborn. These communities advance your career readiness through:

  • Peer Mentoring and Connections
  • Interactive, Experience Based Practical Learning
  • Research and Internships (available for certain communities)
  • Certificates (at no additional costs) (available for certain communities)

Learn more about the different community scholars offered specifically for incoming students joining UM-Dearborn in Fall 2023 below.

Wolverine Ready Scholars

Committing to become a Wolverine Ready Scholar will expose you to faculty, experiences and practice-based learning with other creative, committed students. The Wolverine Ready Scholars program is designed to keep you academically active while you develop specialized skills and career connections to help you be successful upon graduation. Your education is yours to tailor. At UM-Dearborn, we give you the tools to succeed.

Wolverine Ready provides a unique way to enhance your experience at UM-Dearborn, strengthen your resume and increase your career prospects. Through participation in Wolverine Ready you can immerse yourself in research with our esteemed faculty, or engage in specialized courses and internships or earn, at no additional cost, an additional certificate in an area of interest, we are focused on preparing you for your career upon graduation. You will be an involved member of the UM-Dearborn community while preparing yourself for your future.  

Wolverine Ready Scholars provides you a roadmap to develop and enhance your skills, focusing on participating in specific activities each year:

Financial Planning and Investment Scholars

For students interested in financial planning and investments, both for their own families and as a professional path to help others secure their financial future. With today’s complex economy and financial markets, responsibility is placed on individuals and families to prepare for a financially secure career and retirement. A thorough understanding of the environment and tools available to address these challenges can provide for a valuable career.

Financial Planning & Investment Scholars has a capacity of 30 incoming first-year students.


Global Education Scholars

This Scholars Cohort provides opportunities to expand students experience with formalized resources to explore worldly experiences and study abroad experiences that would support a scholar's goal to create dialogue, provide advocacy, and implement change for a more diverse and inclusive experience.

Global Education Scholars has a limited capacity.


Honors Program

The Honors Program at UM-Dearborn is designed for qualified, highly-motivated students who want an extra level of challenge and stimulus in their college experience.  

The Honors Program is open to all entering freshmen with a high school GPA of at least 3.5 or other evidence of superior academic ability. The program accepts students from all units on campus, including CASL, Engineering, Education, Health, and Business students. Admission to the program is competitive and is based on the student's interests and experience as well as the high school record.

Students who are eligible to apply for the Honors Program will be invited via email to participate in the selection process for the program.

For the Fall 2024 class, invitations are sent in January to eligible students.


National Science Foundation (NSF) S-STEM Scholars

A scholars program through the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) S-STEM program for students majoring in certain areas of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). The objective of this program is to adapt high impact practices that have been proven to increase retention and graduation rates for high-achieving, first generation, and commuter students who typically have responsibilities outside of school. 

Students who meet eligibility to join the NSF S-STEM Scholars Program are invited to apply via email.

 For the Fall 2024 class, information to apply will be available in March.


Pre-Pharmacy Preferred Admission Program

UM-Dearborn has a Pharmacy Preferred Admission Program with the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor College of Pharmacy (UM-COP).

Up to ten (10) UM-Dearborn students, either high school student admitted to UM-Dearborn or first year UM-Dearborn student, will be granted conditional assurance of admission annually to UM-COP. These students will earn their bachelor's degree from UM-Dearborn. Together with Health Professions Advising team, the students will work on which courses to take to best prepare academically and co-curriculars to work on for the PharmD program at UM-COP. If they meet the PharmD admission requirements, these students will have reserved seats in the UM-COP's PharmD program, setting them on the course for a successful career in the pharmacy field.

Admitted students who meet the eligibility to apply for this preferred admission program are emailed starting in December, and must apply by January 31, 2024.


Grand Challenges

(for students in the College of Engineering and Computer Science)

The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Grand Challenges for Engineering present an aspirational vision of what engineering needs to deliver to all people on the planet in the 21st century:

“Continuation of life on the planet, making our world more sustainable, secure, healthy, and joyful.”

The vision is based on 14 Grand Challenges that the NAE recognized as necessary to deliver this vision in the 21st century.

The University of Michigan-Dearborn is one of 92 engineering colleges and schools world-wide selected by the NAE to implement a program to inspire practical projects for their students through an educational supplement called the Grand Challenges Scholars Program (GCSP). This program provides students educational experiences, inside and outside the classroom,  necessary to develop the five competencies needed to address these global challenges.

Grand Challenge Scholar have the opportunity to focus undergraduate education on a topic aligned with a students passion, within the structure of their degree program (no additional credits). This experience will provide students with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the breadth of perspectives needed to address the selected challenge.

The Fall 2024 application is open until May 2024.

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