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Mardigian Library highlights alumni authors in the Alumni Authors Collection.

The Mardigian Library at the University of Michigan-Dearborn has a special collection of publications that are written by graduates of UM-Dearborn. The Alumni Collection allows students and faculty to view the intellectual accomplishments of UM-Dearborn graduates, and read their scholarly contributions to selected fields of study.  The collection was launched in 2005 by former Mardigian Library Director Tim Richards and circulates extremely well, with many books being checked out regularly.

Share your book and be part of this unique collection that allows others to benefit from your work.

Below is a list of alumni authors who have published works on the shelves of the Mardigian Library.

Alexander, D.Min., Beverly '00 CASL
  • Pressing Past the Mess to Receive God's Best:  A Woman and Her Issues
  • When Jesus is in Your Living Room You've Got to Come Out of the Kitchen: A Matter of Priority
Ankony, Robert '78 CASL
  • Lurps: A Ranger's Diary of Tet, Khe Sanh, A Shau, and Quang Tri
Barta, Amy '07 CASL
  • Exhale: Poems
Berry, Ghassan '06 CASL
  • A Beautiful World: An Account of Travels, Research and Poetry Written Throughout Lebanon, Sierra Leone and America
Blankenship, Manuela '02 CASL
  • Destination Detroit: A Guide for International Newcomers
  • Last Minute German: A Language and Culture Guide for People on the Fly
Bono, Ph.D., Joseph '73 CASL
  • Caveat Emptor, Let the Buyer Beware: A Consumers Guide to Mental Health Services
Bouladian, Elizabeth '06 CEHHS
  • Pages from the Heart: Poems
Bryer, Trina, '06 CASL
  • Jack and The Powerful Seven: The Secret Strength from Within
Burgstone, Jon, '97 CECS
  • Breakthrough Entrepreneurship: The Proven Framework for Building Brilliant New Businesses
Buzzeo, Toni '76 CASL, '79 CEHHS
  • One Cool Friend
  • Terrific Connections with Authors, Illustrators, and Storytellers: Real Space and Virtual Links
  • 35 Best Books for Teaching U.S. Regions
  • The Sea Chest
  • Dawdle Duckling
  • Little Loon and Papa
  • Ready or Not, Dawdle Duckling
  • Collaborating to Meet Literacy Standards: Teacher/Librarian Partnerships for K-2
  • Collaborating to Meet Standards: Teacher/Librarian Partnerships for K-6
  • Collaborating to Meet Standards: Teacher/Librarian Partnerships for 7-12
  • Our Librarian Won't Tell Us Anything!
  • Fire Up with Reading!
  • Read! Perform! Learn!: 10 Reader's Theater Programs for Literacy Enhancement
  • Read! Perform! Learn! 2: 10 Reader's Theater Programs for Literacy Enhancement
  • R Is for Research
  • The Library Doors
  • ABC Read to Me!: Teaching Letter of the Week in the Library and Classroom
  • Toni Buzzeo and You
  • No T-Rex in the Library
  • Penelope Popper, Book Doctor
  • Adventure Annie Goes to Kindergarten
  • Adventure Annie Goes to Work
  • The Great Dewey Hunt (A Mrs. Skorupski Story)
  • A Passion for Elephants: The Ral Life Adventure of Field Scientist Cynthia Moss
  • The Collaboration Handbook
  • Inside the Books: Readers and Libraries Around the World
  • Just Like my Papa
  • Lighthouse Christmas
  • My Bibi Always Remembers
Cabadas, Joseph '90 CASL
  • River Rouge: Ford's Industrial Colossus
  • The American Auto Factory
  • '40 Ford: Evolution, Design, Racing, Hot Rodding
Chamoun, Ahmad '18 CASL
  • Nara Bronner and the Secret Sands of Time
Cooper, Chris '75 CECS
  • HP-UX 11i internals
Craves, Julie '92 CASL
  • Birds of Southeast Michigan--Dearborn, Wayne County: An Annotated Checklist
Crawford, Karen '74 CASL
  • Royal Oak Images: Yesterday's Charm Today's Treasurers
Domke, Kristi '08 CASL
  • The Adventures of Super Stew:  An Unforgettable Journey
Essa, Huda '04, '09 CEHHS
  • Teach Us Your Name
Fischer, Henry '50 ENG
  • Dreaming Dreams No Mortal Ever Dared to Dream Before
Fox, R.J. '00 CASL
  • Awaiting Identification
  • Love & Vodka
  • Tales from the Dorkside
Glab, Tracee '01 CASL
  • Magnificence and Awe: Renaissance and Baroque Art in the Viola E Bray Gallery at the Flint Institute of Arts
Gwenana '67 CASL
  • The Blessed Ordinary: Wounds and Healing
  • My Mother Said
  • Inverted Trees
  • Arrows to the Heart
  • Sticks and Stones and Strawberries
Hagen, Carol '03 CASL, CEHHS
  • The Night Henry Ford Met Santa
Hershock, Ph.D., Martin '85 CASL
  • The Paradox of Progress: Economic Change, Individual Enterprise, and Political Culture in Michigan, 1837-1878
  • The History of Michigan Law
  • A New England Prison Diary: Slander, Religion, and Markets in Early America
Hudson Jr., Ed.D., Truman '13 CEHHS
  • Boys and Men in African American Families
Hutchison, Craig '90 COB, '99 CASL
  • Monroe: The Early Years
  • Dearborn, Michigan
Jeafar, Ali Reda '17 CASL
  • Peaceful War
Johnson, Ph.D., Mary A '84 CASL
  • A Caregivers's Guide: Insights into the Later Years
Kapell, Matthew '94 CASL
  • Star Trek as Myth: Essays on Symbol and Archetype at the Final Frontier
  • Finding the Force of the Star Wars Franchise: Fans, Merchandise, & Critics
  • The Films of James Cameron: Critical Essays
Kelly, Charles '99 CECS
  • Programming 2D Games
Kemp, Paul '96 CASL
  • Deceived
King, R.J. '85 CASL
  • 8 Track:  The First Mobile App
  • Passport to the Corner Office:  The Starter's Guide to Corporate Life
LaDuke, Phil '96 CEHHS
  • I know My Shoes Are Untied. Mind Your Own Business!:  An Iconoclast's View of Worker's Safety
  • Lone Gunman:  Rewriting the Handbook on Workplace Violence Prevention
Lore, Mary '79 COB
  • Managing Thought: How Do Your Thoughts Rule Your World?
McClain, Sylvia '99 CASL
  • The Write Life: A Beginning Writer's Guide to Writing, Money Management, Publishing and Marketing
  • Skipping Through Life: The Reason I am
Millwood, Jasmine '11 CASL
  • Unbreakable: a memoir
Mucollari, Griselda '14 COB
  • Learning by Doing:  Simple and Effective Lessons I Learned When Meditating with Monks in Thailand
Novacek, Charles '89, '00 CASL
  • Border Crossings:  Coming of Age in the Czech Resistance:  a memoir
Okkonen, Marc '70 CASL
  • Minor League Baseball Towns in Michigan - Adrian to Ypsilanti: The Teams & the Ballparks of the Wolverine State from the 1880s to the Present
  • The Ty Cobb Scrapbook: An Illustrated Chronology of Significant Dates in the 24-year Career of the Fabled Georgia Peach, over 800 Games from 1905-1928
  • Baseball Uniforms of the 20th Century: The Official Major League Baseball Guide
  • Baseball Memories, 1930-1939: A Complete Pictorial History of the "Hall of Fame" Decade
Pearsall, Frank '63 CASL, CEHHS
  • The Last Self-Help Book You'll Ever Need: Repress Your Anger, Think Negatively, Be a Good Blamer, and Throttle Your Inner Child
  • The Beethoven Factor: The New Positive Psychology of Hardiness, Happiness, Healing and Hope
Poorsartep, Mohammad '10 CECS
  • Knowledge Management: How to Increase Knowledge Exchange and Collaboration
Rapai, William '82 CASL
  • Brewed in Michigan:  The New Golden Age of Brewing in the Great Beer State
  • The Kirtland's Warbler: The Story of a Bird's Fight Against Extinction and the People Who Saved It
  • Lake Invaders: Invasive Species and the Battle for the Future of the Great Lakes
Rauth, Marilyn Boell '94 CASL
  • Living, Loving and Losing a Son: A Mother's Memoir
Rohatgi, Umesh '82 CECS
  • OIGS: On Indian Government Shortcomings
Scott, Nicole '13 CASL
  • Can You Handle My Truth?: A Collection of Poems to Uplift, Enlighten and Empower
  • Poetry from the Heart
Soliel, Mary '82 LSA
  • I Can See Clearly Now:  How Synchronicity Illuminates Our Lives
Tremblay, Ed.D., Christopher '14 CEHHS
  • Lucy's Laptop
  • Going Places in Life
  • Here's the Scoop: The History of Ice Cream
  • Musical Instruments Believe
  • Pre-College Programming in Higher Education
  • Walt of the Day
  • Walt's Activity Book
  • Walt's Ancestors
  • Walt's Pilgrimage: A Journey in the Life of Walter Elias Disney
  • Walt's Pilgrimage Jr.
  • The ABC's of Walt
  • The Wonderful Weather God
Trenholm, Portia Yvonne '00 CEHHS
  • A Sense of Humor Helps: The Memoir of Portia Yvonne Trenholm
Vatcher-Martin, Cheryl '98 CEHHS
  • Cheryl's Musings: A Literary Journey Begins: A Day in the Life of an Award Winning Poet and Photographer
  • Haiku for You: With Some One Room School House History
  • The Cornstalks are Whispering
  • Woman Reclining
Victor, M.D., Lyle '99 COB
  • Get Rich by Saying NO!
Whitney, John Denison '62 CASL, CEHHS
  • Grandmother Says
Whitston, Sue Ann '07 CASL
  • An Artist's Eye: A Visual Artist's Perspective on Travel and Art
Yesh, David '83 CASL
  • ChengX:  A Functional Story We Hope Will Come True
  • ChengX verse the Pyramid of Power
Zelner, Ph.D., Kyle '90 CASL
  •  A Rabble in Arms:  Massachusetts Towns and Militiamen during King Philip's War

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