Our Initiative 

The King Chavez Parks College Day Program (CD) was created by the Michigan State Legislature in 1986 as part of the larger KCP Initiative. The legislative intent is to stem the downward spiral of college graduation rates for students underrepresented in postsecondary education.

The College Day Program mission is to provide an opportunity for underrepresented students to discover, first hand, the potential of a college education and to expose students to the information, knowledge, and skills they need to prepare themselves adequately for college entry and success. Michigan's KCP College Day program targets low-income students in the State of Michigan and provides them with support services to increase opportunities to succeed during higher education at Michigan's postsecondary institutions. 

Contact us for more info!

Contact us for more info!

Larry Sawyers

Program Assistant

780 Town Center Dr, Dearborn MI, 48126

Office#: 313-583-6612

Email: lsawyers@umich.edu

Alfarezdeq Nassir

Program Assistant

Email: alfan@umich.edu

Ghassaq "Gigi" Nassir

Program Assistant

Email: gnassir@umich.edu

Shafeq Nassir

Program Assistant

Email: shafeqn@umich.edu

Partnering Schools

Chandler Park Middle School and High School - College Day Program  

Hope Middle School - College Day Program 

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