A Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Studies offers students the opportunity to connect with hundreds of years of history, over 400 million speakers, and vibrant current affairs.

Arabic Studies
Arabic Studies

Learning the Arabic language and understanding its culture is instrumental in the study of world cultures, politics, as well as professional enhancement in the fields of legal studies, migration studies, healthcare, and political science. 

An Arabic Studies Major is uniquely relevant to the University of Michigan-Dearborn, as the campus is situated in Dearborn, dubbed as the Arabic Capital of the United States due to its cultural role as the hub of Arabic speakers in Michigan and the United States. Therefore, the Arabic Studies Major is designed with the community in mind. It focuses not only on cultural and literary aspects, or even only language proficiency, but also professional development in Arabic. 

UM-Dearborn offers many opportunities for students to tie in their Arabic studies as courses in the Arabic Studies Major count towards the Arabic track in the International Studies major, the Arabic Translation certificate, the Middle East Studies certificate, and other certificates and programs.

What Will I Learn?

Students in the Arabic Studies Major learn the following:
  1. Comprehend and Communicate effectively in Arabic: Use all four language skills, reading, listening, writing and speaking proficiently, in the various Arabic dialects as well as in Standard Arabic.
  2. Achieve Cultural Literacy: Identify and appreciate historical and contemporary Arabic cultural heritage.
  3. Appreciate Literary Influence: Understand the Arabic rich literary tradition and its impact on the regional cultures.
  4. Maintain Global Outreach: Connect Arabic culture to world cultural contexts.
  5. Acquire Professional Skills: Acquire job-oriented skills necessary for fields such as immigration, healthcare, legal studies, business, and media.

Visit the University Catalog:

Learn about degree requirements and coursework for the Arabic Studies major and minor. (Information regarding the major will appear in the Catalog beginning in Fall 2023. In the meantime, please refer to the information below.)

Learn about degree requirements and coursework for the Arabic Studies concentration in the International Studies program.

Learn which Dearborn Discovery Core requirements are fulfilled by taking Arabic Studies courses.

General Program Information

Making the Most of Your Major

There are opportunities to develop skills and connect with others interested in Arabic Studies beyond the classroom.

Explore possibilities and plan for success in five overlapping areas of career and academics. Choose your year below, then see what you can do when you:

  • Learn. Develop the knowledge and skills to complete your major.
  • Engage. Contribute to campus and the community.
  • Network. Build a foundation of professional connections.
  • Transform. Make a positive impact in a diverse world.
  • Prepare. Plan for life after graduation.

The map just offers suggestions - you don’t have to do it all.

Complete an undergraduate certificate for a competitive edge.

Some of the courses in the Arabic Studies Major can count towards a certificate in Arabic Translation or Comparative Literature!

Arabic Translation Certificate

Comparative Literature Certificate

For more information, contact:

Wessam Elmeligi, Ph.D.
Prof. Wessam Elmeligi


Arabic Studies director

Wessam Elmeligi, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor