Engineering and Computer Science Study Abroad Opportunities

The College of Engineering and Computer Science offers two study abroad opportunities for students of all CECS majors. Our exchange programs with Ulm University of Applied Sciences in Germany and Jönköping University in Sweden are a great way to gain intercultural experience while fulfilling degree requirements.

Please contact the Office of Advising and Academic Success to discuss these opportunities with your advisor, or visit the M-Navigator system for information about additional study abroad programs.


How much does study abroad cost?

CECS exchange agreements make costs affordable by allowing students to pay their normal UM-Dearborn tuition.  Students can use their financial aid and scholarships as usual and are responsible for airfare, room and board, and other living expenses.


Do I need to speak the language?

No, students do not need to have any experience with a foreign language. Courses are taught in English, but students are also required to enroll in a language course.


When do students typically study abroad?

The courses offered for exchange students are upper-level, and therefore, have prerequisite requirements. Because of this students typically study abroad during their junior year.


Will the courses I take abroad be factored into my UM-Dearborn GPA?

Yes, the courses you take while abroad will affect your GPA at UM-Dearborn and the courses will be added to your academic transcript upon your return.





Will studying abroad delay my graduation?

Students enroll in courses that will fulfill their degree requirements. Students must work closely with the Office of Advising and Academic Success to carefully plan their curriculum and secure department approval before studying abroad. 


Where will I live while I'm abroad?

Living accommodations vary depending on the exchange program. Ulm University offers dorm-style housing, while Jönköping University helps students find apartments throughout the city.


How much should I budget for living expenses?

Jönköping University recommends that students plan for $1050 and Ulm University estimates $850 per month for food, housing, local travel, internet, insurance, and leisure activities. Monthly expenses can vary depending on housing preferences, how much local travel you wish to do, etc.


Do students take a full course load while abroad?

Yes, it is expected that students enroll in a full course load, which is 12 credits minimum, or 30 ECTS credits. Students take three technical courses and one language course.


Please note: students who are following the Dearborn Discovery Core cannot count language courses towards their general education requirements. Language courses can be applied toward General Electives only. Schedule an appointment with your advisor to learn how a language course might fit into your degree program.


How do I know which courses I can take?

Students should do some research about each exchange program to determine which classes are offered during the semester they will be enrolled at the host university. Some courses have already been evaluated for CECS credit, while others will require departmental review. 

For an updated list of study abroad course equivalencies, please contact the Office of Advising and Academic Success.


What is the application process?

Students who would like to apply to one of the exchange programs must be nominated by an advisor. The advisor will email student academic background and contact information to the university. The host university will then send the student a link via email to their online application. Students who are in good academic standing are eligible to apply. Students should also submit required documentation through the M-Navigator system


Who should I contact for more information?

For academic information about CECS exchange programs, call the OAAS at 313-593-5510 to schedule a study abroad appointment. For information about travel documentation and policies, or other study abroad opportunities, please contact the Office of International Affairs.


Prechter International Travel Fellowship

CECS students may be eligible for a travel fellowship to help defray some of the cost of travel associated with approved international studies.  The fellowships are made possible by a gift from Ms. Waltraud Prechter.  Students planning to participate in international studies as part of their CECS degree program should contact Lisa Remsing Hall, Advising Director, at 313-593-5510 or

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