Biochemistry bridges the biological sciences and chemistry.

This degree program is designed to provide the student with an understanding of the structural and functional relationships between the chemical constituents of cells and their roles in life processes. The requirements include courses in biological sciences and chemistry, and appropriate courses in mathematics and physics. The degree in biochemistry prepares a student for careers in industry, medicine, teaching and research.

Interim Biochemistry Program Chair: Dr. Besa Xhabija
Concentration Advisor: Dr. Marilee Benore

Degree Requirements

The biochemistry program is part of the Department of Natural Sciences in the College of Arts, Science and Letters. Careful planning is required to complete this program in four years. Students considering a concentration in biochemistry are encouraged to meet with a faculty advisor as early as possible.

The biochemistry faculty advisors are Marilee Benore, Peter Oelkers, and Sheila Smith.

Biochemistry Major: Quinlan Doctrove

Student Clubs & Organizations

Students may also be interested in other clubs and organizations in Natural Sciences, throughout CASL, and across campus.

Biochemistry Faculty

Marilee Benore

Professor of Biology and Biochemistry; Chair, Behavioral and Biological Sciences Program

Ashley DaDalt

LEO Lecturer III in Biochemistry

Peter Oelkers

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences and Biochemistry

Sheila R. Smith

Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Besa Xhabija

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

Department of Natural Sciences

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