Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences provides basic training in a broad range of subjects including Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics and Organismal Biology.

Interdisciplinary programs in Biochemistry, Environmental Science, Environmental Studies and Microbiology are available for specialized concentrations. These all have quite similar prerequisite programs and, with a carefully chosen program, it is relatively easy to transfer from one to another. Students who may be interested in one of these programs are strongly urged to see the appropriate program adviser as soon as possible.

Biological Sciences Discipline Chair: Dr. Matthew Heinicke
Biological Sciences Advisor: Dr. Melissa Bowlin

More about Biological Sciences

Degree Requirements

One aspect of Biology that intrigues me is the unknown factor.

Student Learning Goals

By the time they graduate, Biological Sciences majors should be proficient in specific knowledge, communication, critical and independent thinking, and professional ethics, as described below:

Student Clubs & Organizations

Biology students may also be interested in other clubs and organizations in Natural Sciences, throughout CASL, and across campus, such as the Biology Club.

Biology Faculty

John Abramyan

Associate Professor of Biology

Nisar Ahmad

Intermittent Lecturer in Biology

Magidah Alaudi

Lecturer I in Biology

Christopher Alteri

Associate Professor of Biology and Microbiology

Jeffrey Boutain

Intermittent Lecturer in Biology

Melissa Bowlin

Associate Professor of Biology

Ashley DaDalt

LEO Lecturer III in Biochemistry

Anne Danielson-Francois

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Jie Fan

Assistant Professor of Biology

Leah Goodwin

Lecturer I in Biology

Jennifer Harper

Intermittent Lecturer in Biology

Patricia Hartshorn

Lecturer IV in Biological Sciences; Integrated Science Program Advisor

Matthew Heinicke

Professor of Biology; Chair, Biological Sciences Discipline

Raji S. Janakiraman

Lecturer III in Biology; Biology Lab Coordinator

Katherine LaCommare

Lecturer IV in Biology; Chair, Earth and Environment Discipline

Terra Mauer

Lecturer I in Biology

Judy M. Nesmith

Teaching Professor of Biology, Biology Program Advisor, and Biology Lab Coordinator

Peter Oelkers

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences and Biochemistry

David Susko

Associate Professor of Biology

John Thomas

Professor of Biological Sciences

Sonia M. Tiquia-Arashiro

Professor of Biology and Microbiology

Alisa Young

Lecturer I in Biology

Zhi “Elena” Zhang

Associate Professor of Neurobiology

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