The concentration program in chemistry at the University of Michigan-Dearborn is fully accredited by the American Chemical Society (ACS).

This program is designed primarily for students who intend to go into chemistry as a profession or who plan to continue their studies at the graduate level. A student may earn a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry by completing the prerequisite, concentration, and cognate courses listed herein and by fulfilling CASL distribution and graduation requirements.

Chemistry Discipline Chair: Dr. Krisanu Bandyopadhyay

Concentration Advisors (ACS): Dr. Daniel Lawson and Dr. Ogie Stewart

Concentration Advisor (Instructional Track): Dr. Samia Al-Qaisi

Degree Requirements

Students may choose to pursue a major or a minor in chemistry. A Chemistry Instructional track is also offered.

Learn more about CASL Degree Requirements.

Program Goals
  1. Master a broad set of fundamentals in the basic areas of the chemical discipline namely organic, inorganic, analytical, and physical.
  2. Understand the objectives of chemical experiments, properly and safely carry out the experiments, and appropriately record and analyze results.
  3. Communicate orally and in writing scientific concepts to other scientists and to the general public.
  4. Skillfully utilize the chemical literature.
  5. Have the ability to effectively pursue career objectives in an advanced professional or graduate school education, a scientific career in government or industry, or a career in teaching.

COVID-19 Update

Our laboratories will offer a combination of virtual experience, simulation and demonstration to provide as close to a true laboratory experience as possible.

Students taking Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Geology can expect a rigorous curriculum that will provide both lecture and laboratory experience yet maintain social distancing.

Student Clubs & Organizations

Chemistry students may also be interested in other clubs and organizations in Natural Sciences, throughout CASL, and across campus.

Chemistry Club

The Chemistry Club is a good way to

  • meet current students and faculty, and make new friends.
  • find out about undergrad. programs and graduate school.
  • get information on possible job opportunities.
  • have a whole lot of fun.
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