Integrative Studies

Integrative Studies at UM-Dearborn is intended for students who wish to customize their degree program to fit their own interests, career goals, and aspirations.

Students create their own curriculum path, choosing three individual concentrations, or minors, instead of a traditional major. A minimum of 39 credit hours is required for the Integrative Studies major, which includes LIBS 450 Capstone. This major leads to an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree, depending on the concentrations selected.

Integrative Studies can provide an excellent foundation for graduate and professional education in many areas such as law, business, public administration, counseling, and social work. It may also serve as a pathway into a variety of careers. Three career pathways have been developed and are provided as examples for students. In addition, students may create their own career pathways. 

More about Integrative Studies

Integrative Studies encompasses all the academic minors (which become concentrations for this major). These minors may be within a discipline, or they may be interdisciplinary. In addition, they may include minors in the College of Business; College of Education, Health, and Human Services (excluding teacher certification minors); and Computer and Information Science from the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

Degree Requirements

Learn more about CASL Degree Requirements.

The Integrative Studies degree requires:

  • LIBS 450 Capstone.
  • Students transferring from a community college with an Associate Degree may transfer a maximum of 30 credit hours of general credit courses (GENL). The maximum total transferrable credits from a community college is 62.
  • The Foreign Language requirement is not needed for this major.


Integrative Studies students must select three concentrations. Concentrations are divided into three general groups.

CASL students can choose any combination of concentrations from any group, with the exception that only one concentration may come from Group III.  

Suggested Concentrations

The Integrative Studies major focuses on an individualized program to best fit your career goals. By customizing three concentrations, the curriculum provides courses that make sense for your future career.

These are suggested concentrations based on careers and job trend research. There are many options to choose from with the Integrative Studies major.

The Customized Pathway

Customized Pathway
Customized Pathway
Potential Concentrations Include:

You can customize by choosing three concentrations.

Career Opportunities Include:

Students can choose from any of the concentrations to build a degree based on interests, experience, prior credits, and future goals.

The Media Pathway

Media Pathway
Media Pathway
Potential Concentrations Include:

Sociology or Psychology; Journalism & Media Production or Communication; Marketing or Digital Marketing.

Career Opportunities Include:

Digital Marketing, Social Media Manager, Content Creation, Public Relations, Media Relations, Integrated Communications Specialist.

Media Pathway Suggested Courses for Specific Concentrations

The Mental Health Pathway

Mental Health Pathway
Mental Health Pathway
Potential Concentrations Include:

Psychology; Criminal Justice or Sociology; Human Services or Public Health.

Career Opportunities Include:

Service Facilitator/Case Manager, Psychiatric/Mental Health Technician, Child & Family Services, School Counselor, Group Home Manager, Benefits and Wellness Specialist, Rehabilitation Counselor.

Mental Health Pathway Suggested Courses for Specific Concentrations

The STEM Pathway

Stem Pathway
STEM Pathway
Potential Concentrations Include:

Applied Statistics; Environmental Studies; Computer & Information Science or Artificial Intelligence.

Career Opportunities Include:

Data Science, AI, Cloud Computing, Website Developer, Researcher, Ecologist, Environmental Planner, Conservationist.

STEM Pathway Suggested Courses for Specific Concentrations

Integrative Studies - An Alumni Perspective

Ultimately, it was a savior for me...It was the degree that opened up that door for me.
— Ray Field, BA Integrative Studies 2022

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