CASL’s interdisciplinary departments reflect the full range of the liberal arts and sciences, with related fields grouped together to facilitate interdisciplinary teaching and research.

Behavioral Sciences

In Behavioral Sciences, we study human beings as individuals, in groups, within societies, and across cultures.

Language, Culture, and Communication

In Language, Culture, and Communication, we study the development, structure, and use of language in rhetorical situations and cultural contexts.

Literature, Philosophy, and the Arts

In Literature, Philosophy, and the Arts, we study written and visual texts in the expression of human thought and emotion.

Mathematics and Statistics

In Mathematics and Statistics, we study numbers in both pure and applied contexts.

Natural Sciences

In Natural Sciences, we study the natural world, both living and non-living.

Social Sciences

In Social Sciences, we study the economic, social, and political organization of human societies over time and in space.

College-Wide Programs

These are interdisciplinary programs offering majors and minors that involve faculty and courses from different departments.

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