MS in Software Engineering

About the Program

The Software Engineering master's degree program is designed to prepare students for professional practice, as well as further studies and research in the software engineering field. The program offers a 30-credit hour curriculum consisting of required core courses and technical electives, which provide opportunities to design and implement large-scale software systems and embedded systems.

All courses have access to a wide variety of computing resources: local area networks of approximately 200 Quad Core and I7 PC's, as well as the Games and Multimedia Entertainment Laboratory.

The department schedules all SWE courses during late afternoons or evenings to enable students to earn their master's degree through part-time study. The program may be completed entirely on campus, entirely online, or through a combination of on-campus and online courses."

Students with an interest in pursuing doctoral studies or working in a research and development environment are encouraged to elect the thesis option.

For general program information and questions please contact the Program Coordinator: Kimberly LaPere ([email protected]). For specific curriculum questions, please contact the program director:  Dr. Zhiwei Xu ([email protected]). If you have questions about the application process, deadlines, tuition, scholarships and assistantships, and other questions please contact the Office of Graduate Studies ([email protected] ).

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MS in Software Engineering
We focus mainly on software testing problems, software maintenance, and evaluation problems because it is required by the software industry.
— Dr. Marouane Kessentini, Assistant Professor, CIS Department

Program Details


To satisfy the requirements for the MS degree in Software Engineering, all students admitted to the program are expected to complete thirty semester hours of graduate coursework, with a cumulative grade point average of B or better. The program of study consists of core courses, concentration courses, and the coursework/project/thesis option.     

Please contact the Computer and Information Science Department about the policy on the minimum grade for a course to satisfy graduation requirements.

The 30 semester hours of required coursework are distributed as follows:

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