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Seminars are held regularly during the Fall and Winter semesters from 12pm-1pm in 1410/1420 PEC proceeded by a light lunch at 11:30am. Students, faculty, staff, and guests are welcome to attend. 

Connecting the Phone to the Car: Protecting Personal Information and Securing the Interface

About the Speaker:

John Krzeszewski is the Cybersecurity Engineering Technical Manager at Delphi Electronics & Safety, where he and his team provides cybersecurity design guidance to Delphi engineers.  He was selected as one of the U.S. representatives and chair, on the development of the upcoming SAE-ISO 21434 “Road vehicles: cybersecurity engineering” standard.  John began his career in 1987 as an Associate Engineer, at General Motors, where he developed and deployed one of the first automotive telematics systems, which automatically reported steering system usage of police cars and taxicabs in the field. Since then he has worked on electric power steering systems and associated vehicle networks, vital signs monitoring systems, telematics and cybersecurity design. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Kettering University, and a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University.


In today’s connected car, the consumer is expecting seamless integration of their personal data with the vehicle for the purposes of performing financial transactions and interacting with social media.  This personal data, which can include credit card numbers and other sensitive information, needs to be secured.  However, the security landscape is constantly changing as what seemed practically ‘unhackable’ just a short time ago is now considered insecure.  This presentation will discuss those challenges and the suggested avenues to mitigate the security risks.