Program Requirements

BSE Industrial & Systems Engineering

The University of Michigan Dearborn is on a semester system. The students pursuing the BSE Industrial and Systems Engineering degree follow the curriculum that was approved by the faculty in 2020 and took into effect starting Fall 2021. 

The 128 credit hours required to finish the degree include at least 21 credit hours of distribution requirements that include courses in English Composition, Economics, Arts, Humanities, Behavioral Sciences, and Social Sciences. These distribution requirements credits also satisfy Writing (6 credits), Arts and Humanities (6 credits), and Social and Behavior Sciences (9 credits) Dearborn Discovery Core requirements. They also include 51 credit hours of basic preparation courses that include courses in Basic Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. The remaining 53 credit hours are in professional Industrial and Systems Engineering, 41 of which are in required courses and the other 12 of which are in elective courses depending on the interest of the student.

Visit the University Catalog to learn more about program requirements and coursework for the Industrial and Systems Engineering major.

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

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