BSE in Engineering Mathematics

About the Program

A current College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) undergraduate student majoring in Bioengineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Human Centered Engineering Design, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Robotics Engineering may pursue a concurrent Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) degree in Engineering Mathematics. This makes it possible for an engineering major to earn two degrees at the same time: a BSE degree in their principal engineering major and a concurrent BSE degree in Engineering Mathematics. Both degrees must be earned at the same time.

Program Requirements

The Engineering Mathematics degree requires a minimum of 15 credit hours of advanced mathematics coursework beyond the sixteen (16) credits of mathematics needed for the degree program of the student's principal engineering major. Credits from the courses being used for the concurrent Engineering Mathematics degree do not count toward the student's principal degree. Degree requirements can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Program Educational Objectives

The coursework in the concurrent BSE program in Engineering Mathematics prepares graduates to:

  1. Be able to develop innovative mathematical solutions to complex engineering problems.
  2. Engage in continuous learning to advance their professional careers.

Advising and Academic Success

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