Faculty Governance

The College of Business and the University of Michigan–Dearborn operate under a shared governance system.

Faculty governance is exercised most directly through regular meetings of the entire Governing Faculty. The Governing Faculty, through the COB by-Laws, have authorized a number of faculty committees to assist the Governing Faculty in their work. These committees consist of elected professorial faculty, as well as non-voting members representing the College administration.  The primary campus-wide instrument of faculty governance is the Faculty Senate.

Faculty Committees

  • B. Klein, J. Molloy, M. Killey

  • C. Kocher (Associate Dean), L. Redding (Dept. Chair), K. Strandholm (Dept. Chair), M. Kamen (Grad Director), M. Howard (Grad Assoc Director), C. Scott, J. He, M. Wimble, K. Kobelsky, K. Cai

  • C. Kocher (Associate Dean), L. Redding (Dept. Chair), K. Strandholm (Dept. Chair), S. Wells (Undergrad Director), E. Izberk-Bilgin, A. Xie, C. Samfilippo, M. Yoder, M. Valero

  • R. Balakrishnan-Chair (Dean), C. Kocher (Associate Dean), H. Lee, V. Singh, L. Freeman, C. Scott, A. Ahuvia

  • C. Kocher (ex-officio), M. Guo – Director of Accreditation, J. He – MBA Assessment Coordinator, T. Hartge – BBA Assessment Coordinator

  • K. Cai, E. Izberk-Bilgin, K. Kumar, Y. Ro, K. Kobelsky

  • M. Howard, L. Dioszegi, J. Molloy, S. Baker, D. Kaufman

  • R. Blatz, L. Freeman, K. Kumar, K. Cai, Y. Chen

  • V. Singh, J. He, M. Guo

  • C. Kocher (UCDC and Graduate Subcommittee), M. Guo (Assessment Subcommittee), L. Freeman (Online Subcommittee) , M. Valero (Gen. Ed. Implementation Subcommittee)

Faculty governance is also reflected in the following documents of the COB as approved by Governing Faculty: