Faculty Governance

The College of Business and the University of Michigan–Dearborn operate under a shared governance system.

Faculty governance is exercised most directly through regular meetings of the entire Governing Faculty. The Governing Faculty, through the COB by-Laws, have authorized a number of faculty committees to assist the Governing Faculty in their work. These committees consist of elected professorial faculty, as well as non-voting members representing the College administration.  The primary campus-wide instrument of faculty governance is the Faculty Senate.

Faculty Committees

  • Academic Standards

    B. Klein, J. Molloy, M. Killey

  • Graduate Curriculum Committee

    C. Kocher (Associate Dean), L. Redding (Dept. Chair), K. Strandholm (Dept. Chair), M. Kamen (Grad Director), M. Howard (Grad Assoc Director), C. Scott, J. He, M. Wimble, K. Kobelsky, K. Cai

  • Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

    C. Kocher (Associate Dean), L. Redding (Dept. Chair), K. Strandholm (Dept. Chair), S. Wells (Undergrad Director), E. Izberk-Bilgin, A. Xie, C. Samfilippo, M. Yoder, M. Valero

  • Executive Committee

    R. Balakrishnan-Chair (Dean), C. Kocher (Associate Dean), H. Lee, V. Singh, L. Freeman, C. Scott, A. Ahuvia

  • Accreditation Team

    C. Kocher (ex-officio), M. Guo – Director of Accreditation, J. He – MBA Assessment Coordinator, T. Hartge – BBA Assessment Coordinator

  • Promotion & Tenure

    K. Cai, E. Izberk-Bilgin, K. Kumar, Y. Ro, K. Kobelsky

  • Scholarship & Awards Committee

    M. Howard, L. Dioszegi, J. Molloy, S. Baker, D. Kaufman

  • Grievance Committee

    R. Blatz, L. Freeman, K. Kumar, K. Cai, Y. Chen

  • Faculty Senate

    V. Singh, J. He, M. Guo

  • University Curriculum and Degree Committees

    C. Kocher (UCDC and Graduate Subcommittee), M. Guo (Assessment Subcommittee), L. Freeman (Online Subcommittee) , M. Valero (Gen. Ed. Implementation Subcommittee)

Governing Faculty Meeting Minutes

Faculty governance is also reflected in the following documents of the COB as approved by Governing Faculty:

College of Business

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