Faculty Governance

The College of Business and the University of Michigan–Dearborn operate under a shared governance system.

Faculty governance is exercised most directly through regular meetings of the entire Governing Faculty. The Governing Faculty, through the College of Business by-laws, have authorized a number of faculty committees to assist the Governing Faculty in their work. These committees consist of elected professorial faculty, as well as non-voting members representing the College administration.

The University of Michigan’s Central Faculty Governance is comprised of:


Faculty Senate
The Faculty Senate is composed of 19 elected faculty representatives with three-year terms, plus ten ex-officio members including the Chancellor, the Provost, the Student Government president, one emeritus at-large faculty member, two LEO-at-large representatives, and the campus's four representatives to the University-wide Senate Assembly. The Senate serves as the legislative arm of the Faculty Congress, and it is authorized to make recommendations to the Chancellor, Provost, and Board of Regents. Actions of the Senate have the effect of an action of the Faculty Congress unless they are revoked by Congress.

Ann Arbor

Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs

The Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs (SACUA) is the executive arm of the Central Faculty Governance and coordinates and implements the actions of the University Senate and the Senate Assembly.

Senate Assembly

The University of Michigan Senate Assembly consists of 74 elected faculty members from the Ann Arbor, Dearborn and Flint campuses, each serving a three-year term to represent the interests and concerns of faculty throughout the University of Michigan system.

Faculty Senate

Membership of the Faculty Senate consists of all members of the professorial staff, the executive officers of the university, the dean of each school or college and others designated by the Board of Regents from time to time.

Faculty Committees

Academic Standards

D. Kao, term expires 8-31-22
L. Freeman, term expires 8-31-23
A. Xie, term 8-31-21 to 8-31-24
Alt: TBD



Graduate Curriculum Committee

K. Strandholm
M. Kamen
M. Howard
L. Redding
D. Kaufman, term expires 8-31-22
J. He, term expires 8-31-22
K. Cai, term expires 8-31-23
K. Kobelsky, term expires 8-31-23
J. Molloy, term 8-31-21 to 8-31-24
Alt: TBD



Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

K. Strandholm
S. Wells
L. Redding
C. Kocher, term expires 8-31-22
D. Kao, term expires 8-31-22
C. Scott, term expires 8-31-23
C. Jin, term 8-31-21 to 8-31-24
D. Wang, term 8-31-21 to 8-31-24
Alt: TBD



Executive Committee

R. Balakrishnan
K. Strandholm
Y. Ro, term expires 8-31-22
H. Lee, term expires 8-31-22
L. Freeman, term expires 8-31-23
V. Singh, term expires 8-31-23
J. Liu, term 8-31-21 to 8-31-24
Alt: A. Xie

Governing Faculty Secretary

R. Kent

Lecturer Review Committee

H. Lee, term expires 8-31-22
J. Liu, term expires 8-31-22
L. Urbaczewski, term 8-31-21 to 8-31-24
K. Cai, term 8-31-21 to 8-31-24
P. Keyes, term 8-31-21 to 8-31-24
Alt: TBD

Reappointment, Promotion, & Tenure (RPT) Committee

K. Kobelsky, term 8-31-21 to 8-31-22
V. Singh, term 8-31-21 to 8-31-22
Y. Ro, term 8-31-21 to 8-31-23
J. Lee, term 8-31-21 to 8-31-23
C. Scott, term 8-31-21 to 8-31-24
J. He, term 8-31-21 to 8-31-24
J. Liu, term 8-31-21 to 8-31-24

Scholarship & Awards Committee

S. Baker, term expires 8-31-22
W. Fu, term expires 8-31-23
Y. Cao, term 8-31-21 to 8-31-24
Alt: TBD

Grievance Committee

Y. Ro, term expires 8-31-22
C. Chandra, term expires 8-31-22
K. Cai, term expires 8-31-23
J. Lee, term expires 8-31-23
H. Lee, term 8-31-21 to 8-31-24
Alt: V. Singh

Faculty Senate

J. Liu (alt. S. Baker), term 8-31-21 to 8-31-22
Y. Ro (alt. M. Guo), term 8-31-21 to 8-31-23
H. Su (alt. A. Xie), term 8-31-21 to 8-31-24

University Curriculum and Degree Committees

K. Strandholm (UCDC and Graduate Subcommittee), C. Kocher (Assessment Subcommittee), L. Freeman (Online Subcommittee), Barbara Klein (Dearborn Discovery Core Subcommittee)

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Governing Faculty Meeting Minutes

Faculty governance is also reflected in the following documents of the COB as approved by Governing Faculty:

College of Business

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