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Academic advisors provide information about program requirements, University policies and procedures, and campus resources.


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All e-mail communication is done through your email account.  Students are responsible for the information sent to their address, so it is essential to check that account regularly.

Composing Messages
E-mails should be composed in a professional manner. When contacting an advisor, faculty, or any University employee, make sure to include your name and student ID number. Utilize correct form, punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

If you are contacting more than one advisor about the same situation, use the copy (cc) function in the address bar. Do not send the same message to multiple people individually.

Electronic Transcripts
If you have taken courses at another school and are utilizing an electronic transcript service to have them delivered to this office, order them to be sent to [email protected].

Undergraduate Advising Staff

Rylie Crine

Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Office

Andy Dean

Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Office

Jaclyn McBride

Student Admin Asst Sr, Undergraduate Office

Lori Ormsby

Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Office

Susan Wells

Director, Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Student Services Office

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19000 Hubbard Drive
Dearborn, MI 48126
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