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You may apply for full- or part-time admission year round. Course availability is greatest during the fall and winter semesters.


Admission into the BBA program is a two step process. Students are first admitted to UM-Dearborn as pre-business majors. Then, students can apply to the BBA program after fulfilling the BBA admission requirements.


You are considered a freshman applicant if you have graduated from secondary school (high school) or have passed the General Education Development exam (GED), and have not attended a college or university since then. If you took courses at a college or university while in high school, you would still apply as a freshman. 

Freshmen applicants should follow the freshman admission process.

Transfer Students

Pre-business Admission Requirements

  • A minimum transferable grade point average of 2.70 
  • At least 24 transferable credits (Transfer students with less than 24 credits may be asked to supply their high school transcripts.)

Transfer Credit Information

  • Students can apply a maximum of 62 credit hours from community colleges, 75 from universities, and 90 from another University of Michigan campus. These numbers included combined credits from all schools attended. For example, a student who attended both a community college and university, can apply a maximum of 75 transfer credits.
  • Grades of C- and below are not transferable

Additional Information

International Students

International students can apply to UM-Dearborn as a freshman or a transfer. To apply for admission as an international student, follow the international student admission process.

Bachelor of Business Administration with a business major

UM-Dearborn students who are not yet eligible to declare a business major have pre-business status. To enter the BBA program, students must satisfy the admission requirements:

  • Complete the ten prerequisite courses, with a minimum grade of C in each course. 
  • Complete a minimum of 55 credit hours
  • Achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.
  • Achieve a minimum GPA of 2.80 in a minimum of 12 business credits including DS 301*, the BBA Core, and upper-level business course completed at UM-Dearborn. (*If a student receives transfer credit for DS 301, then BE 401 or FIN 401 must be taken as a substitute.)

Current UM-Dearborn students must submit a Change of Degree, Major, Minor form to their current academic unit. 

Undergraduate Student Services Office

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