Business & Community

We value our partnerships with business and community.

Our partnerships with business and the community are a two-way street. They help us keep our curriculum relevant to the changing needs of businesses and organizations, and they help our students learn to apply their skills to real world situations. They also provide an opportunity for our students and faculty to give back to the community and gain a broader perspective on the world.

Access Top Talent

In a recent Bloomberg Businessweek report, our undergraduate business program ranked second in the state among employers in terms of how well the university prepares students for jobs at their companies. We encourage the educational and professional development of our students by engaging them in real-world experiences, both inside and outside the classroom. Whether you are looking to fill internships or full-time positions, the Internship and Career Management Center can help you. In addition, we have specific programs to support Non-Profit and Small Business sectors. 

Access our Students

Accreditation and Rankings

Solving Business Problems

Participate as a client in one of our student consulting projects and work with our talented students as they develop solutions to your business problems. Partnering with the College of Business creates invaluable relationships that inspire creativity and collaboration, while extending the academic excellence of the College beyond the classroom.

Consulting Projects

Professional Development and Networking Events

While fundamentals remain the same – leadership, communication, collaboration, innovation, problem solving – the language used in business and the tools that help support success are evolving. We offer programs that can help professionals like you stay up to date on how to respond to those changes. 

Professional Development Programs