Some students have a knack for crunching numbers. Others prefer to tap into their creative side. Whatever your passion is, the College of Business has a program for you.

BBA Students are required to choose one major as part of their Bachelor of Business Administration, however, they are able to declare multiple options. Make sure to work with a College of Business advisor to explore options and clarify requirements.

BBA Curriculum

BBA Curriculum 3.0 is for students admitted to UM-Dearborn as freshmen Fall 2014 - Winter 2015 and transfer students Fall 2014 - Summer 2017.

BBA Curriculum 4.0 is for students admitted to UM-Dearborn as freshmen Fall 2015 - Winter 2017. 

BBA Curriculum 5.0 is for students admitted to UM-Dearborn Fall 2017 and later.