Differences between the MBA and MS programs

What are the differences between the MBA and Master of Science programs?

The MBA (Master of Business Administration) at the University of Michigan-Dearborn provides broad, integrated skills across all the major business functions and activities. The MBA is a general management degree, and it is the most common degree for business professionals who are seeking to advance in managerial positions. The optional MBA concentrations allow you to develop some degree of specialization in a particular business function.

The MS (Master of Science) programs in the College of Business provide specialized skills and knowledge in a specific business function. The MS programs are especially well-suited to recent college graduates who want to add a professional credential to their skill set in a short period of time. The MS programs are also fully appropriate for established working professionals who would like to develop new areas of expertise. 

Dual degree programs at the University of Michigan-Dearborn allow you to combine the broad, managerial perspective of the MBA with highly specialized skills in a particular business function.

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