The general business major provides the flexibility for students to choose business courses that suit their particular needs.

Students can do this by supplementing the foundation courses with elective courses from several disciplines or extend and deepen career preparation with more advanced work in a particular area of administration or analysis. By making rational use of general electives and distribution requirements, student may design programs to achieve their career goals. Students pursuing a General Business concentration may also choose a track in Pre-Law.

General Business Major Requirements - 18 Credits

  • Required Courses

    Choose six upper level courses outside of the BBA Core.

General Business - Pre Law Major Requirements - 18 Credits

  • Required Course

    LE 453 - Commercial Transactions

  • Choose Three Courses

    Upper level COB courses outside of the BBA Core. Each must be a different subject.

  • Choose Two Courses

    CRJ 302 - Theory of Law
    CRJ 316 - The American Judicial Process
    CRJ 335 - Philosophy of Law
    CRJ 362 - Women, Politics, and the Law
    CRJ 382 - Social Psychology
    CRJ 413 - American Constitutional Law
    CRJ 414 - Civil Rights and Liberties
    CRJ 445 - Contemporary Ethical Theory
    CRJ 453 - Sociology of Law
    HPS 456 - Health Care and the Law
    PHIL 312 - Environmental Ethics
    POL 415 - Problems in Constitutional Law 

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