Suspicious Package

Actions to Take

Typical Characteristics

  • Excessive postage, no postage, or non-canceled postage
  • No return address or obviously fictitious return address
  • Packages that are unexpected or from someone unfamiliar to you
  • Excessive tape
  • Improper spelling of addressee names, titles and/or locations
  • Packages that are addressed to someone no longer with your organization or otherwise outdated
  • Rigid, bulky, lopsided or uneven
  • Unexpected envelopes from foreign countries
  • Restrictive markings 

Actions to Take if You Encounter a Suspicious Package

  1. Do not touch, move or open the object.
  2. Isolate the area and immediately evacuate.
  3. Notify the University Department of Public Safety by calling 9-1-1 or 313-593-5333.
  4. Request immediate assistance and follow instructions given by emergency personnel.