About Us

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As part of this effort, through integrated planning with internal University affiliations as well as external entities, prevent the loss of life and reduce injuries and property damage during natural and man-made incidents/events through emergency management principles of planning, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

Our Vision

  • We will strive for a disaster-resistant University community while working with internal and external community members.

Our Goals

  • Provide services that promote emergency preparedness
  • Lead the development, dissemination and application of emergency preparedness programs within the campus community
  • Conduct activities that incorporate the values of quality, responsibility, accountability, trust, diversity, flexibility and respect.

Core Emergency Management Principles

Core principles serve as the foundation of All Hazards Emergency Management at the University:

  • Support and maintain a safe, healthy and protected campus for faculty, staff, students, visitors, and contractors on University property.
  • Provide expertise in emergency/disaster management and contingency management.
  • Effectively communicate on how we conduct our business while delivering quality service to internal and external customers.
  • Timely response to emergency needs and requirements.
  • Ethical behavior and respect for individual differences.
  • Continue to foster partnerships within the University and community.