2020 Committees

Communications and Hospitality are the two standing Staff Senate committees.  Ad-hoc committees are determined as needed with a specific charge.

The Staff Senate welcomes participation on committees by non-senators!  Contact the chair or co-chairs of any committee you may be interested in learning about or joining.

Staff Awards/ Recognition Committee

Tasks:  Promote and maintain U Make the Difference.  Publicize program - explain better how to earn award.  Recognize new and retired employees.

  • Rachel Buzzeo - chair
  • Sheryl Kubiak
  • Winston Canon
  • Belinda Soliz


Tasks:  Provide overall marketing/education regarding Staff Senate. Monthly Newsletters-articles. Quarterly features in the Reporter. 

  • Eva Gogola - chair
  • Jim Shearer
  • Chris Dunning
  • Maria Cheatham
  • Chelsea Brown


Tasks:  Manage logistics and partnerships for Staff Senate forums and the Chancellor's Picnic partnership.

  • Sheryl Kubiak - chair
  • Rachel Buzzeo
  • Winston Cannon
  • Bryan Earl

Pop-Up / Social Events

Tasks:  Develop and implement pop-up on-campus events and after hours social events for staff.  

  • Sarah Dorchak - chair
  • Bryan Earl
  • Kelly Ledingham
  • Mike Latvis

Professional Development

Tasks:  Tech trainings and explore coaching/mentoring opportunities for staff. Create a program to connect people with similar roles in different offices and departments-mentoring. Increase understanding of the office roles on campus.  Our HR vs UM-HR connect people with similar roles.  Stress management - talk to Dr. Wren. Collaborate with M-Healthy. 

  • Erica Ross - chair
  • Sheryl Kubiak
  • Blake Bonkowski
  • Celia Robinson
  • Lindsey Bookman

University Committee Seats Filled by Senators or Senate Recommendations

Chancellor's Staff Recognition Committee:

  • Sheryl Kubiak (June 2022)
  • Rachel Buzzeo (June 2020)

 Voices of Staff:

  • Vacant

 University Budget Committee:

  • Kelly Ledingham
  • Bryan Earl
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