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Canvas support at UM-Dearborn is college-based, with the University Coordinator of Digital Education coordinating the efforts of the four colleges.  Special help for a few specific issues can be found on the links below.

Canvas outages

The Canvas Status page will show any known outages or system issues with Canvas.  The page is updated in real-time and will give the best estimate on when an outage should be fixed.

Support for specific topics

  • Logging in - Having issues accessing Canvas?  See support specific to logins and passwords here.
  • Seeing your courses - Missing a course on the Canvas dashboard?  Find some of the causes and solutions here.
  • Viewing, accessing, or adding course videos - Course videos not loading properly?  Have questions about adding media to a course?  Get some solutions and find available support options here!

UM-Dearborn Canvas support personnel

The college-based support should be the first place to go for assistance with issues not listed above during normal business hours (8am-5pm on UM-Dearborn work days).  See the college Canvas support staff with contact info for each listed below:

College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters (CASL)

Canvas support for CASL faculty and students is provided by the Digital Education Support Specialist. Please see the CASL Digital Education Support website for more details.

Scott Alexander, Digital Education Support Specialist
(Scott is currently working remotely, please contact him via email)

College of Business (COB)

Canvas support for COB faculty and students is provided by Lee Freeman, Associate Professor of MIS.

Lee Freeman, Associate Professor

College of Education, Health, and Human Services (CEHHS)

Canvas support for CEHHS faculty and students is provided by the CEHHS Instructional Learning Assistant.

Claudia Lugo-Meeks, Instructional Learning Assistant

College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS)

Canvas support for CECS faculty and students is provided by CECS Online staff. Please see the CECS Online web page for more details.

Susan Guinn, Director

Joseph Goraj, Video Production Specialist

University Coordinator of Digital Education

If you are unable to reach your college support staff, you may try to contact the University Coordinator of Digital Education. Please always attempt to contact your college specific support staff first.

Christopher Casey, University Coordinator of Digital Education
(Christopher is currently working remotely, please contact him via email)

Secondary options for support, available 24/7

On weekends, holidays or work days after 5:00 p.m., EST,  technical assistance with Canvas can be obtained by phone or chat directly with Instructure (the parent company of Canvas).  Please note that this option will be able to solve many issues, but not all.  This support option will NOT be able to reset passwords, add assistants to courses, assist with registration, or provide support for any 3rd party tools integrated into Canvas.

Support by phone

Instructure 24/7 phone support for UM-Dearborn is available through one of the following numbers:

  • For students: 877-399-9105
  • For faculty/admins: 833-566-3349

Support through chat

Please login to Canvas, then click the help icon on the bottom left corner.  The menu will have a 24x7 chat option provided by Instructure.  If you are unable to access Canvas to get the Chat option, please use the Support by phone instead.

Online Canvas how-to guides

Instructure also provides hundreds of how-to guides for Canvas.  If you are wondering how a certain feature works, or would just like simple instructions on how to use a certain area of Canvas, the guides are a great place to start!

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