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UM-Dearborn offers both MiVideo (Kaltura) and Mediasite platforms for hosting academic video content to be made available through Canvas.  Course videos should be uploaded and hosted through one of these platforms, not uploaded directly to Canvas files, as the Canvas course files area is 2GB per course and often will not properly play back video files on all devices.  Both MiVideo and Mediasite allow for increased storage, offer options for accessibility, and provide a better video playback experience for students on any device they may be using to access their course material.


For a better student experience and compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), videos included in online/remote courses should be captioned (though it is only a requirement, at this point, in courses with an identified student in need of the accommodation).

Machine-generated captioning is available at no additional charge through the supported video systems listed below.  Machine-generated captions will need to be edited ( to 99%+ accuracy for ADA compliance.  Editing of captions is generally the responsibility of the owner/uploader of the video, though some units or departments may have students or other staff available to assist.

Human-generated captions are available with an additional cost through the supported video systems listed below. Human-generated captions will generally meet ADA compliance requirements, but should still be quickly reviewed for accuracy (especially if any names are used in the video).  Please confirm that your department will pay for the cost of human generated captions before proceeding.  If your department will cover the cost, please get the shortcode to be charged and then contact your unit’s Canvas Support Personnel to place a caption order.

Privacy and FERPA

U-M values student privacy and must comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  Please review the U-M  Rules fo the Road for Recording Class Activities before making any recorded content available to students.  


MiVideo is University of Michigan's branded version of Kaltura, providing video storage and playback, and recording options through UM-Dearborn's Canvas.  In Canvas, the "My Media" user profile menu item and the "Course Media Gallery" course menu item are provided by of MiVideo.  MiVideo generally should not be used to host copyright content for which UM-Dearborn or U-M Ann Arbor do not have a license to use.

How-to Videos


Please see the Canvas - MiVideo Help & Support page for support information.


MediaSite is a video storage and playback platform primarily used in the College of Engineering and Computer Science, but available campus-wide upon request.  In Canvas, MediaSite provides the "MediaSite Creation Tool" course menu item.  MediaSite generally should not be used to host copyright content for which UM-Dearborn or U-M Ann Arbor do not have a license to use.




Please see the Canvas Help & Support - Video (MediaSite) page for support information.



Copyrighted video content may be provided through a 3rd party service, Swank.  This service is managed and supported by the Mardigian Library.  Faculty interested in using copyrighted videos in UM-Dearborn courses can contact Mardigian Library staff to inquire about getting specific content through Swank.

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